Katherine Lester on Dr. Phil

MySpace teen on Dr. Phil show:

It seems that our favorite word traveling runaway MySpace teen is back in the news.

Katherine Lester will be on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow to discuss her trials and tribulations. I thought this might set a bad example to teens willing to run away for some MySpace guy but Dr. Phil seems to have his act together this time…

The second segment also will include an interview with Betty Mahmoody, an American citizen who moved to Iran with her husband and fled the country after he and his family became violently controlling. Mahmoody’s story became the 1991 Sally Field film “Not Without My Daughter.”

I of course will not be watching because personally Dr. Phil disgusts me.

However the article seems to reveal that Lester is back in The States.

The series will have a third part that will air in a couple of weeks centering around Lester’s decision to come back to Michigan, said Wade Simpson, a segment producer with the program.

“We fully anticipated her getting back on the plane at the end of the second episode,” he said. “And then she said no, so we kept tracking it to see what would happen.”

Lester returned to Michigan about a week and a half ago, Simpson said.

The soap opera continues.

Belch has more on this here.

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