YouTube baby launcher

Youtube video leads to teen arrest:

An unnamed and unidentified 16-year-old from Georgia was arrested after he posted a video to YouTube. Well it wasn’t for the video but what he did in it.

He was baby sitting an 8-month-old child. He placed the child on an air pillow then someone jumped on the pillow launching the baby in the air.

A teacher discovered the video and notified police.

The unnamed teen has forced me to resurrect everyone’s favorite award…

The Red Forman Dumbass Award

Red wants to launch his foot into your ass

  • Lynda

    What an outrage, and a travesty. This kid should be launched from a catapult onto a hard surface and let him see how it feels. And his parents should accompany him. Obviously the kid has no morals, and that is a direct result from his lacking parents. What an idiot. The parents of the baby should have this kid beaten within an inch of his life. I know I would, and I would proabably do it myself, with a fat baseball bat!

  • Julia

    This is the very reason why I stay home with my babies and never, EVER use babysitters. Not even family. That kid wouldn’;t even be in juvi hall if it had happened to one of my babies. Either my husband or I would be facing murder charges for killing him.

  • Chuck D.

    When I was a kid, the only people allowed to babysit me were my grandparents, and now I can understand why…

  • Brenda

    This is horrifying!!! I agree this teen should get a taste of his own demented actions!! My question is…is the infant okay?!

  • angrydad

    Another waste of human sperm. Why the hell would you let a TEEN watch your kid, let alone a stranger???? We ONLY let our parents, if we absolutely have to, watch our kids.

    Every parent should go through a thorough mental evaluation, before having children I think!!!!!