MySpace says burn victims are offensive

Valley Child’s Pictures Banned From MySpace:

This isn’t about a crime just a crappy thing that MySpace is doing to one of its users.

BJ McCombs was severely burned in a house fire at the age of 18-months. He wasn’t supposed to survive long but he lived to be about almost 7.

His parents created sort of a tribute to him on MySpace with pictures of him. MySpace then said the images of him were too offensive.

Pictures are all BJ’s parents Billy and Karlyn of Sullivan have left. “Because he’s gone we don’t have many pictures left of him from before the fire. Every picture that we have is like gold to us,” said Billy.

Each picture posted on Karlyn’s MySpace page told a story. “This picture here shows him eating. This is his first meal after the fire. The hospital told us he would never be able to eat. So, these pictures are everything to us,” said Karlyn.

Of course this came about because some busybody complained to MySpace. To which I say if you don’t want to look at a burn victim then don’t click on the site.

To make matters worse MySpace is not backing down and is even threatening to delete the profile if BJ’s mom puts the pictures back up.

You can visit BJ’s support page here.

  • Vega

    Yet Myspace seems to be so much more tolerant of pictures of naked 14 year olds. News Corp wins another one.

  • Trench

    Not to defend News Corp but MySpace was like that long before they took over.

  • hazardlad

    but vega does have a point, as the artical says if u dont wish to look you dont have to. the family would of went thru so much and dont deserve to be hassled by myspace cause some little kid got offended by something that should be looked apon as a myricall that he lived and his will to survive.

    wish your family the best Karlyn

  • Meg

    I feel so badly for this family. Your little Angel is at peace now and MySpace has NO right to remove his pictures of his life here on Earth. Horrible. We are sending the word out to have his picture added to everyones profile. Good Luck and God Bless you for standing up for your Baby

  • Gayle

    I feel very bad for the family. For what its worth their son was beautiful. MySpace needs to back off!@

  • Elena

    Noone here on Earth has the right to decide or judge a human being’;s appearance!!!!
    I was shocked when i heard this story.
    If this isnt racism, then what is?
    The family has already been through a lot. Instead of supporting them, Myspace is making this even more difficult!
    Shame on Myspace.

  • Valerie

    I just had a thought. Perhaps Myspace is using BJ as a controversial marketing tool!!!
    Just think how many people who do not even belong to myspace are going to their site to support this child and his family. Pretty sneaky huh! I strongly suggest that Billy and Karlyn set up their own site and if at all possible sue the pants off myspace.
    We are with you all the way!
    Love and Blessings,
    Valerie (aka Stephen’;s mom!)