Millard High School plot thwarted

Student accused of planning to shoot up school:

Can you tell it’s the start of the school year? This time we go to the state of Nebraska.

18-year-old Michael Tufly was arrested for threatening an attack against Millard Learning Center which he attends. Of course it’s an ‘alternative’ school.

Tufly was caught because he had told one student of his plans and text messaged another.

He claimed he was going to get a sawed off shotgun and kill random people at the school. He even admitted to police that he had been working on the plot for over a year.

Tufly also admitted his mutantcy to police.

In his comments to authorities, Tufly didn’t refer to that mass killing but to another massacre — the killing of a dozen students and a teacher at Columbine High School in April 1999.

According to Kleine and Omaha police reports:

Tufly told officers he had visited Web sites detailing the Columbine massacre.

He described having a lot of anger, telling police he was “mad at the world.”

Tufly gave police no reason for wanting to target his classmates, other than that he “didn’t really like the Millard Learning Center.”

Because he didn’t like his school he’s looking at 5 years behind bars for terroristic threats. Not nearly enough for an obvious psychopath like this.