Obama's would be assassins

“Skinheads” Reveal All On Web:

I’m sure by now everyone has head about the two neo-nazi skinheads who planned to assassinate Barack Obama.

Not surprisingly the pair of racist idiots Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman had MySpaces.

The article from CBS news talks about one of Schlesselman’s MySpace profiles and his racist rantings about ‘wiggers’. However I found what seems like a different one for Schlesselman. Be careful clicking on it, it contains nazi imagery. And by imagery I mean you’re greeted with a giant swastika on it. If that wasn’t enough here’s from his ‘About me’…

My name is Paul, I am from Memphis. people tell me i’m a scary motherfucker, then i kick the shit out of them. when im on the internet i like to chill at (racist forum site redacted) there are some pretty badass guys there

I bet he was more of a scared MFer when ATF rolled up on him.

Cowart’s MySpace, which is now private, had similar racist rantings on it as well. His MySpace allegedly said “Better to die quick fighting on your feet then to live forever begging on your knees.” Where he’s going I think he’s going to be spending a lot of time on his knees.

While I’m at it isn’t hate speech a violation of MySpace’s TOS? As long as jackasses like this are congregating on MySpace I’ll always consider it the trailer park of the internet.

Thanks to Mr. A.

  • David

    Aw Trench, I'm pretty disappointed in you making prison rape jokes. It's a problem that makes prisoners worse, not a solution to make them want to stay out. You're just condoning the animal factory.

  • shyanne

    yo i think that those neo nitzies will never kill obama because first of all how will they get through the secret service and anyways he will win the 2008 elections so fucken give up neo notezies

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    You know David I could have meant he would be praying his entire time in prison but you're right. It was a prison rape joke.

    I have no sympathy for racist assclowns like this and if it does happen to him I hope it's by the biggest black guy he's ever seen.

  • David

    I don't have sympathy for him either, and I, like the rest of the world have said the whole "they'll get it in prison" thing about heinous criminals. I'm just saying that as a whole you really shouldn't condone it because unfortunately the more we make jokes, the more it's accepted and the more it's accepted the less chance we have of any kind of reform whatsoever. As if we had that chance anyway. Just thought it to be tasteless and beneath you. I still like your site though =)

  • http://neuroticscreams.com Edward

    Schlesselman’s MySpace profile is gone.
    and Mr A, "Where he’s going I think he’s going to be spending a lot of time on his knees. " made me spit my soda. good one.

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    David, if you think that's beneath me you're not familiar with all of my work. *lol*

  • http://thedeadkidsofmyspace.blogspot.com A

    Thanks Edward, but that line belong to Trench.

  • Nancy

    Don't feel so bad David, I too am not amused by sodomy =)

  • jorge

    fuck obama. only reason he won is because of his race and sorry to be so blatant but todays youth (all races) think it to be cool to be black.

  • http://thedeadkidsofmyspace.blogspot.com A

    I don't know about that, "today's" youth thought it was cool to be black since the late 80's or at the very latest early 90's.

    —> Jordan, Cosby, Jackson, Oprah<— biggest stars ($$$) of Hollywood in the last 20 years…

    This results had little due to Race actually

    Real Reason: McCain's lost could only be found in four different letters…B.U.S.H

    and that's really it :/

  • http://neuroticscreams.com Edward

    Thanks Jorge, I will remember that the next time someone is screaming the N word out their car window at me.

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    Wow, Jorge. That may be the most ignorant statement I've heard since election day.

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    Thanks Jorge, I will remember that the next time someone is screaming the N word out their car window at me.


  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    That's a reference to the TV show News Radio by the way.

  • http://neuroticscreams.com Edward

    YEA that word

  • GregS

    jorge exactly, the only reason Obama won is because hes half white.

  • http://neuroticscreams.com Edward

    So McCain lost cause he is ALL white?

  • gompertz

    As for those would-be assassins, the white supremacists certainly need watching, but are they the only threat Obama might face? Already it seems certain that an Obama administration would be far more conventional than his more extreme supporters would hope. First of all, the radical left of the Democratic party will be disappointed if the hoped-for socialist revolution doesn't materialize. Not likely that this would cause George Soros to hire hit men, but some on the left have a potential for violence as great as the extremists of the right, and who knows what they might do if President Obama doesn't deliver what they expect?

    Then there are the Islamic militants, who look for Obama to reduce or eliminate the American military presence overseas. Early indications are that these militants won't get what they want. The appointment of Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, and Obama's pledge to revive the memory of the Armenian holocaust are just two developments that could anger radicals in the Islamic world. We all know what Islamic radicals can do when they get angry, right?

    So it seems that those assigned to guard the new President will have plenty to do.

  • GregS

    Gompertz are there really islamic militants in the Democratic party? I don't imagine islamic militants would support Obama, at least not the types that support holywar and Bin Laden mainly because it's going to be a lot harder for Islamic militants to gain support when you have a black President of the USA.

    Where exactly are they going to recruit?

    Now I do think the ALF and those eco terror groups are more real because they have been striking, and they might actually support Obama, but I think Obama is smart enough to have the FBI spy on all these groups from the left and right. In general all groups should be watched, and probably are being watched, from the local gangs, to the aryan brotherhood, to the muslim brotherhood, etc.

  • GregS

    Edward thats right, McCain wasnt black enough.

  • gompertz

    Greg, I never meant to suggest that there are Islamic extremists in the democratic party. That reference was to the groups who are based in places like the Middle East, people like Al Queda, the Taliban, and of course Hamas, who seem to have concluded, for whatever reasons of their own, that an Obama administration would weaken the American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. And where are they going to recruit? Well, I suppose the same places they have been recruiting all along, mostly in Asia, etc. But they have been known to strike within the U.S. (I am about 90% sure that 9/11 was not an inside job).

    As for the Democratic Party, they are a very inclusive group, but still, it would be hard to reconcile their unconditional support of gay rights with Islamic or Christian fundamentalists' absolute opposition to such rights.

    Now, as for the people on the far, far left, such as the various Maoist splinter groups that advocate violent revolution at all costs, the policy is "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." So they combine support for radical Islam with traditional Marxist support for workers' rights and Identity Politics in its various forms. Of course, for these people the Democratic and Republican parties are just two sides of the same coin, supporters of that evil "system" they must overthrow so they can institute their Golden Age of Communism. If they win, it is anyone's guess how they would then treat their former allies in the gay community, ALF, and the islamic fundamentalists. Probably send them all to re-education camps;)

    And yes, I think there are people of various ideological persuasions who expect President Obama to support their various radical agendas. I believe Obama's administration will be quite moderate and even centrist, like Clinton's, and will be seen by many extremists (of whatever camp) as far too conservative, and a betrayal of their various agendas for "change". Isn't it possible that some disgruntled members of these various groups could prove just as big a threat as the forever-disgruntled White Supremacists?

  • http://neuroticscreams.com Edward

    So, since Im black I could have ran and won?