Drew Peterson's girlfriend moves in

petersonraines Drew Peterson’s girlfriend has moved in with him, friends and family members say:

Okay, I’ve kept quiet on this one long enough. 23 year old Christina Raines is supposedly engaged to 55 year old Drew Peterson. As if the age difference isn’t enough of an ick factor, there’s always the fact that Peterson is a suspect in the disappearance of his current wife, Stacy. And the fact that the police are re-opening the case of the death of his 3rd wife.

But wait, it gets better. Raines has now moved herself AND HER TWO KIDS into Peterson’s house. WTF??? Look, I know exactly how it feels to be a 23 year old single mother of two. I was there about 17 years ago. Never in a million years, though, would I have entertained the notion of dating someone that much older than me and especially not someone who’s caught up in a national controversy. Seriously, this broad has got to be out of her mind. If she wants to screw up her own life and/or get herself killed, that’s groovy. She’s got no right to take her kids along for the ride though. Luckily, her family was smart enough to inform the police that she and the children have moved in with Peterson. Maybe that will keep him on good behavior until social services can put together a case to remove the children from the house.

Just my two cents worth.

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