craigslist crime blotter 3/8/09

Officer arrests 8 in prostitution sting:

Police in Henrico, Virginia arrested 8 in a craigslist hooker sting. That tends to happen when you’re the world’s largest pimp.

Alleged Craigslist prostitute busted in Port St. Lucie:

Sandra Jean Knowles (pic in article) was arrested in Port St. Lucie, Florida on charges of being an alleged craigslist hooker. You know, the activity that’s supposed to be on the way down on craigslist.

Scammers use phony Mass. checks on auction sites:

This feels like a repeat but I’m not sure.

Anyway the state of Massachusetts is saying that the craigslist check scammers are using checks that look like they were issued by The Massachusetts Department of Revenue. If you get one of these checks DO NOT CASH IT. You’ll be responsible for the money.

BISD secretary arrested for prostitution after posting ad on Craigslist:

34-year-old Geneva Cadena (pic in article) of Brownsville, Texas and an employee of the Brownsville Independent School District was arrested on a craigslist hooker sting. At least she had the decency to wait after school hours.