Man with square head charged with having sex with teen met over MySpace

POLICE: Newport man had sex with teen from MySpace;

Blockhead over there is 34-year-old Jeffrey Sellner of Newport, Minn. He’s been charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl he met over MySpace. The girl allegedly came over to Sellner’s house then the pair allegedly had sex in a park.

Parents, here’s another reason why you should keep tabs on your kids’ MySpace activities. They may end up being knocked up by a creepy man and end up have square headed babies.

  • Lisa

    This jackass is my cousin. Found out about it in the newspaper. Always knew he was different, but this disgusts me. I do not condone this behavior in anyone. That he is a relative does not change my feelings. I hope he gets nailed to the wall and gets what he deserves.

  • Franklin

    spongebob, how could u

  • Chuck D.

    Nice to see a relative who doesn't try to justify the crime for a change…they're a rare breed, at least around here! LOL

  • concerned parent

    does anyone know if this creep is registered or if he is on the run cause if so I have info please let me know.