Philly riot coordinated through MySpace and Twitter

Disruption by teens flocking to S. Broad St.:

Twittering Teens Terrorize the City:

A Philadelphia flash mob turned into an actual mob over this past weekend.

Hundreds of teens ranging in ages from 14 to 17 flooded the area near South Broad St. pre-dawn Sunday morning. In one instance a taxi was hijacked and crashed into a pole. In another two women were pulled from their Jeep and were beaten and robbed. No serious arrests were made.

Personally I think all their parents should be arrested. Seriously where were their parents? Oh wait, this is Philly I’m talking about. I used to live there. In my neighborhood the parents were usually buying lottery tickets or at the tap room. But I’m sure your neighborhood isn’t like that.

  • trisha

    Don't these teens realize they can get killed? They think they are so cool beating up defensless people well they will pick on the wrong person who carries a gun for safety cause you have to and then they will end up dead and their parents will cry oh my poor innocent kid look what happened. Yeah look what happened you didn't watch your kid or raise them right they were acting like fools and hurting others so now they are – fabulous

  • Kitty

    Good question, where the f*ck were the parents? None of them were tipped off about this? Wow. Just… Wow.