Furniture store used Iran twitter tags to promote store

Habitat sorry for Iran Tweeting:

While it’s not a crime per se it is a scummy business practice so I’m going to allow it. Plus it did break one of the unwritten laws of twitter.

Anyway, UK furniture store Habitat got caught using twitter hashtags for the ongoing situation in Iran to hep promote the store. Now allow me to translate.

On twitter some people use what are called hashtags on their posts. Hashtags are keywords people can use so others who are looking for twitter posts on that subject can find them. For instance if you were tweeting about the situation in Iran you would put #iran at the end of your tweet.

What Habitat is accused of doing is using hashtags about Iran at the end of their tweets but the tweets were about promoting their stores.

One of the controversial messages – called tweets – which appeared before being removed by Habitat, read: HabitatUK: #MOUSAVI Join the database for free to win a £1,000 gift card.

Habitat has removed the offending tweets but has not said who was responsible.