craigslist crime blotter 9/5/09

Authorities Investigating Craigslist Offer to Sell Maine Indian Scalps :

Apparently you can get anything on craigslist including the bloodied scalps of those who were vanquished. The FBI isn’t saying whether or not it’s a hoax.

Reno police arrest man on suspicion of selling stolen goods on Craigslist:

Reno, NV police arrested Ryan McKendry-Verhunce, 29, for allegedly selling stolen goods on craigslist.

Police seek Toronto man after apartment rental fraud:

Police in Toronto, Otntario are on the look out for Paul Mutart, 41. He’s accused of running the rental scam on the eBay owned kijiji.

Md Man Charged In Craigslist Attack:

Federal prosecutors have charged Edgar D. Romero of Bladensburg, Md. with robbing women that he arranged meetings with on craigslist through adult services in the D.C. area. His accomplice, who is still at large, is accused of sexually assaulting two of the women.