Child pimps used MySpace and YouTube

Story points to potential social networking dangers:

I originally posted about Robert Harris and his craigslist prostitution ring that used craigslist and pimped out underage girls here and here on the CraigsCrimeList. However not only did Harris use craigslist to pimp out these girls but the ring allegedly used MySpace and YouTube as well.

I am going to give MySpace a pass on this one for now because I want to focus mainly on YouTube because my issue with craigslist is also my issue with YouTube.

I can only imagine what the videos on YouTube must have contained but I am sure they were advertising these girls that they were forcing to turn tricks on YouTube. I’m also sure that the video was probably borderline illegal if not just plain illegal. Much like craigslist YouTube depends on its users to police the content. Like I’ve said many times about YouTube and craigslist user policing doesn’t work. The people looking for this kind of content aren’t going to report it and the people who would report it aren’t looking for it.

If people were using a site I owned to promote child prostitution I would take the necessary measures to make sure it didn’t happen again. Obviously YouTube and by way of ownership Google don’t care if child prostitution is happening on their site as long as the money keeps rolling in.