Robertson High hazer gets probation

Teen sentenced for role in hazing scandal:

17-year-old -year-old Marcus Gutierrez of Robertson High in Las Vegas, New Mexico recently pleaded guilty to taking part in a hazing incident at the high school where football players sodmized younger teammates with broom sticks.

Let me repeat that for you in case it hasn’t really sunk in. A group of football players held down some of their younger teammates and sodomized them with broomsticks.

In an act that basically amounts to prison rape all that Gutierrez gets is probation until he’s 21. His lawyer argued that Gutierrez’s only role in the attack was helping to the hold the kids down.

Now if he was arrested in a case where he helped hold down a woman that was being raped with a foreign object would he still be only given probation. If football was not involved anywhere in the equation would he have still gotten probation? I seriously doubt it on both counts.

This ruling sends out the message that raping your high school teammates with foreign objects will only get you probation.