With friends like this…(Jennifer Daugherty)

Reason to Blow Up the World

30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty was a 30-year-old mentally challenged woman who made friends with the wrong type of people. People is too strong a word. She befriended a group of rejects who make the people who tortured Megan Williams look like amateurs.

Robert Loren Masters Jr., 36, Ricky Smyrnes, 23, Melvin Knight, 20, Amber Meidinger, 20, Angela Marinucci, 17, and Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, have all been charged with her murder but it goes far beyond that.

The sextet are accused of forcing Daugherty to drink detergent, vegetable oil and urine and make her write her own suicide note. She was allegedly beaten with a towel rack, a crutch and a vacuum hose. She was stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest and head and her body was dumped in a school parking lot inside of a trash can. Her head had been shaved and her body was strewn with Christmas decorations and her face was smeared with cosmetics.

This happened over a week ago however at the time police said the motive was unclear on why the Scumbag Six killed Jennifer Daugherty. I have a guess why they did. Because they’re a bunch of animals who probably thought it would be fun to kill a ‘retard’.

Considering a hearing for them was recently postponed because most of them have head lice they’re not in any position to judge.