Modesto Juggalos plea and get jail time

Juggalos enter pleas in Modesto assault case:

4 alleged gang members convicted of beating man:

You remember these three literal assclowns don’t you. They’re Larry Williams, 20, Brandon Ferrell, 19, and Kurt Petersen, 23. Along with the unpictured Joshua Huggins, 18, they were all arrested for beating a Modesto, California man so bad that they broke his leg and left him with permanent injuries.

They all pleaded no contest to the charges against them except for Huggins who pleaded guilty. They were all sentenced to a year in jail except for Williams who got seven years because he already had two strikes against him.

The part that sucks is that Ferrell and Huggins have already been released since they already spent a year in jail awaiting trial. Petersen still has to serve his time though. I wonder if he’ll still think he’s a badass after serving his time.

Remember kids even ICP themselves that the criminal element among their fans are grown retards. I would argue that they aren’t grown. For example check out the behavior of some of ‘the family’ in the courthouse.

Monday morning, the courtroom gallery was filled with young people, some in Insane Clown Posse clothing. A few hissed and scoffed as victim William August, 54, called Juggalos “dangerous, malevolent gang bangers” and detailed the pain he’s been through since the March 7, 2009 attack.

First off if you’re a Juggalo why would you even bother going to the courthouse. You should be distancing yourselves from these guys who are giving Juggalos an even worse name. Plus you may get picked up on your own outstanding warrants.

And again if you don’t want people to think that you’re a gang stop acting like one. If you all wear the same clothes and commit crimes together that makes you a gang.

  • Dk

    i wish a juggalo would shatter your skull

  • Trench Reynolds

    That would require them to get off their stoned fat asses.

  • Annie7492

    Not all Juggalos are considered a ‘gang’.
    Larry Williams is an ex of mine of many years and to be completly honest that not him hes a follower NOT a leader. It’s that shit right there that give the rest of us LO’s and LETTES a bad repuation.

  • Trench Reynolds

    The bad music and the mime makeup doesn’t help either.