Today in Pedophiles: Men in Uniform Edition

Former Albany Cop Sentenced for Child Porn:

Former Albany, New York policeman Stanley Nadoraski was sentenced to 30 months (you read that right, months) on a child porn charge.

He was busted when the feds found his credit card information used on a child porn website and child porn videos and pictures on his computer.

He received the light sentence after pleading guilty to one count of child porn.

His lawyer wanted him to get only probation. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Police are held to a higher standard in this country. Shouldn’t they also be dealt with more harshly if they break the law since they are the ones appointed to uphold the law?

Updated: Veteran arrested on child porn charges:

Bradley Buehrer of Marshall, Michigan is an Iraq war veteran. Thank you for your service to this country however that’s the only thanks you’ll ever get from me.

He’s been arrested on child porn charges after his girlfriend turned him in.

Allegedly he was showing his girlfriend pictures from Iraq on his computer when he ‘accidentally’ showed her an explicit picture of a toddler.

I use the sarcasm quotes on accidentally because afterward he also allegedly suggested to his girlfriend that they have sex with their own toddler.

I’m sure both of these cases will us PTSD as an excuse since Nadoraski was once shot and Buehrer was in Iraq but I don’t see how PTSD turns you into a pedophile.

Excuses need to stop being made for these scumbags and they should be used as the very least as prison labor. Whatever happened to being sentenced to hard labor anyway?