Queens woman forced others into craigslist sexual slavery

DA: Flushing Woman Ran Prostitution Ring from Long Island Spas:

Queens madam forced young Korean women into lives of sex slavery in L.I. massage parlors:

44-year-old Jin Hua Cui of Flushing, Queens, New York has been charged with forcing women into sexual slavery. Cui allegedly advertised nail salon jobs to the Korean community of Flushing. Instead of that the women she recruited were forced into working in Cui’s Long Island massage parlors. She threatened the women with either revealing to their families what they were forced to do or by saying that they would be killed by Chinese gangs.

And where did Cui advertise her massage parlors? Why craigslist of course. And I’m guessing it was in the adult services section where only ‘legitimate’ adult businesses are supposed to be.

Even if the drive from Flushing to Long Island was only 30 minutes that’s still human trafficking if you’re using coercion to force someone into sexual slavery. That’s the human trafficking that craigslist says they find abhorrent. If they did they would remove the adult services section.

STD leads to MySpace conviction

24-year-old Jeremy Mitchell of Leavenworth, Kansas had sex with a 15-year-old girl from MySpace while her 14-year-old friend sat on the bed. Then when he was done he had sex with the 14-year-old girl.

For extra added scumminess this took place  on the day of the 15-year-old’s father’s funeral. Nothing like preying upon the vulnerable is there.

He might have gotten away with it too, no Scooby Doo jokes please, if he hadn’t infected both girls with chlamydia.

Today Mitchell pleaded guilty to charges against him. No word on the possible sentencing but I’m sure it won’t be nearly enough.

The answer to 1984 is 1776

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth is a egotistical prick and a conspiracy nut but damned if he isn’t a very talented prick and conspiracy nut.

This song is from his side project called Sons of Liberty.

1000 pictures

Manitowoc Co. woman charged in child porn case:

When cameras on cell phones were first introduced I’m sure most normal people thought what a great convenience that would be. Not me. Being who I am I immediately thought that it would be corrupted by pedophiles and child pornographers. This is one story that even I hadn’t imagined in my warped mind.

An unnamed 25-year-old egg donor from Manitowoc County in Wisconsin is accused of taking over 1,000 explicit pictures of three girls ages 2, 5, and 7. At least one of those girls is said to have been her daughter.

She would allegedly take the pictures, some of which are said to show her sexually abusing the 2-year-old, and would send them to a man who would try to sell them on the internet. I would assume that the Breeder would get a cut of the proceeds.

And to add insult to injury to the victims the greedy twatwaffle is out of jail on only a $1,000 bond. I guess what ever judge she stood in front of thought that $1 per picture was enough bond. There may even be more victims and she’s walking free. If she skips town that judge should be immediately relieved of their position.

How are sexual predators, especially those who harm children, take the law seriously if they keep getting handled with kid gloves?

Thanks to Amy for the tip.

Man behind Wyoming craigslist rape gets 60 years

Judge gives man 60 years in Craigslist rape case:

For thos of you who haven’t been following the story 28-year-old Jebidiah James Stipe, of Twentynine Palms, California pleaded guilty to setting up a rape through craigslist. Stipe had taken out a phony ad posing as a woman he wanted to get back at saying that she wanted to live out a rape fantasy.

She was actually raped by Ty Oliver McDowell of Casper, Wyoming who has also pleaded guilty.

Stipe, was sentenced today to 60 years to life for orchestrating this revenge rape.

Stipe said to the court that he learned his lesson and would be a productive member of society if he was not given any time. Too late for that scumbag. You should have thought of that before you placed the ad.

The victim put it best..

“I really hope that whatever sentence he gets is long enough that he doesn’t have the opportunity to do this to someone else, because I’m stuck with a life sentence that he gave me,”

So he’ll be 88 at the earliest when he gets out. Yeah he should be pretty useless if he gets out then.

But again this shows the problem of the anonymity that craigslist allows its users.

And to the male freaks out there that troll the casual encounters section of craigslist, I would say that less than 1% of women actually want a rape fantasy, and those that do must have serious mental issues.

Florida’s age of consent law is gross

Clearwater man, 20, accused of sex with girl, 15:

We’ll get to the age of consent thing in a minute.

First off 20-year-old Brandon O. Henderson of Clearwater, Florida has been arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

He tried claiming that ‘she said she was 16′, which if she was he would not have had a problem, but then allegedly admitted to police that he knew her age.

However, according to the article the Florida age of consent law goes a little something like this…

The age of consent in Florida is 18, but a close-in-age exemption exists. According to state statute, the exception permits a person 23 or younger to engage in legal sexual activity with a minor 16 or 17.

Why do they even have an age of consent law if a 23-year-old can have sex with a 16-year-old? The most the exception should be is 2 or 3 years.

Then again this is not surprising for Florida.

Donated cell phone had evidence of rape of 3-year-old

Donated Phone Leads To Arrest In Child Porn Case:

Video on donated cell phone leads to child rape charges:

Reason to Blow Up the World

32- year-old Michael Comte of Tacoma, Washington has been arrested and charged with the rape of a 3-year-old girl.

The way Conte was caught that a woman donated a cell phone formally allegedly used by Conte to a Tacoma Goodwill.

A Goodwill employee took the phone for their own use and noticed pictures and videos of the girl being raped.

Police were able to track down Conte with the numbers in the phone.

It turns out that Conte was babysitting the girl along with his girlfriend when the rape took place.

The mother of the victim also stated that Conte told her that he just stopped using drugs and was molested by a baby sitter when he was young.

Drugs don’t make you a pedophile and there are tons of people who were molested who didn’t go on to be molesters. The only person responsible for the child’s rape is Conte.

Bad Boyfriend of Breeder who tied kids to bed charged

Arraignment Postponed for Couple Accused of Starving, Beating Kids:

I’m sure you remember the story of Cheryl Ann Stuart she of the tying the kids to the bed so she could get some sleep and starved them because she was tried of changing them.

Her boyfriend, 31-year-old Mario Alberto Colin, has also been charged with child abuse. And get this, the guy is a a behavioral technician at an elementary school. Police are now investigating if Colin abused any of the kids at his school. Colin is not the baby daddy of Stuart’s victims.

Illegal Breeder places screw in girl’s throat to cover up crime

Man suffocates, jams screw in young stepdaughter during World Cup game:

Police: Man killed crying girl during Cup game:

28-year-old Hector Castro of McAllen, Texas, illegally by way of Mexico, was watching the World Cup game between the US and Ghana. During the game his 2-year-old stepdaughter would not stop crying. Of course rather than being a man and actually trying to comfort the child he beat her so bad he cracked her ribs then suffocated the girl until she died.

Police charge he then placed a metal screw in the girl’s throat to try and make it look like she choked to death. But once again people who are smarter than child abusing scumbags, in this case the police, discovered that the screw had nothing to do with the girl’s death.

Castro has been charged with capital murder. And since this happened in Texas let’s hope this puts him on the gurney for a date with the needle.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.

La. Breeder kills son in drunk driving crash

Crash kills 4-year-old this morning, cops say:

43-year-old Darryl Parfait was arrested in Houma, Louisiana after his single vehicle crash killed his 4-year-old son Jayden Parfait, 4.

Jayden was sitting in the back of the vehicle unbelted when the crash occurred sending him flying forward striking the front seat floorboard. Parfait’s wife and two other children were also in the car and were injured. No one in the car was wearing seat belts.

Of course the drunk Parfait himself was uninjured. His BAC was a .159 which earns him the #6 spot on the BB BAC Board.

I wonder if this was Parfait’s first DUI because usually drunk assholes like this usually have multiple DUIs. If it wasn’t for the part where he goes to jail this might not have stopped him either.

Thanks to Louisiana Lori for the tip.