Fake check puppy scam

Brighton woman’s Craigslist puppy sale goes awry:

A woman from Brighton, Colorado could no longer care for her puppy so she sold it on craigslist. A woman paid her $150 by check. Not only was the check a fake but the ‘buyer’ turned around and was trying to sell the dog on craigslist.

I love animals and I know how hard it is to give away one of your pets. I couldn’t imagine the horror I would go through if I knew the pet that I had loved was being used for a craigslist scam.

I know that some people would want to recoup their ‘losses’ when trying to find a pert a new home but I would recommend trying to find an adoption shelter in your area instead.

While not as good as a puppy you can win a free CCL T-Shirt.

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