Bebo sex offender gets 36 months

Jail for sex offender who groomed schoolgirl on Bebo:

I originally posted about Greg Dawson here. He was the registered Scottish sex offender who groomed a 14-year-old girl over the website Bebo and had sex with her, or as I like to call it child rape. He told the girl he loved her and wanted to get her pregnant. Dawson did not use any protection.

He could have gotten a life sentence but the judge at the High Court in Edinburgh gave him only 38 months and seven more years on the sex offender registry. Considering he had previously spent 10 months in jail and was already on the sex offender registry I doubt this will be much of a deterrent for the scumbag Dawson.

The victim’s mother is rightfully outraged as we should all be.

Outside the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday, the mother of Greg Dawson’s victim denounced the sentence as “disgusting” and said: “The Scottish justice system stinks.”

The mother said: “Who is making the deals here? Who is looking after the Scottish people? Nobody.”

It’s not just Scotland either. It’s most ‘civilized’ English speaking countries if not all of them.

  • Gillianagnes

    he must never get out he will do it again he is a child rapist hes vile he comes from alloa clackmananshire so look out hide your kids the predetor will be back GREG DAWSON 34 YEARS OLD