Latest round of t-shirt winners

As some of you know I had a personal matter to attend to last week so I didn’t post much except for breaking news stories so I kind of slacked on the t-shirt giveaway. But we did have winners and I am here to announce them.

Our first winner was GeoЯge ThÆ PirÅtÊ who had a short but to the point comment…

What you’ve basically got is 4Chan mixed in with EBay. Great concept. Great concept…

This comment actually made me laugh out loud. If you don’t know what 4Chan is consider yourself lucky. As the saying goes, don’t go there, it’s gross.

Our 2nd winner was Engenue97 who was a former craigslist user…

I was checking my email to see if anyone had responded to the 2 craigslist ads I placed today….and somehow after reading through some news headlines stumbled upon this site. Wow. Um…guess I’ve been pretty naive about what they allow, and actually facilitate to happen. Watching the Craig of craigslist flounder about and walk away from a reporter asking about the safety of the site he founded was very telling. So here I am, confessing my sins and seeking redemption through a free t-shirt. Gotta go post this on my facebook page.

As a lapsed Catholic I enjoyed the act of contrition.

Our next winner is Tammie who is concerned about the safety of children…

One I have a teenage child and an infant child and reading the posts on here, sickens me. How can a company or the CEO of an organization disassociate himself from crimes that are happening on his webstie? I would use CL for everything in was in need of. I even went as far as looking for an apartment/house. I never paid but there were some ads that basically said you can get this place site unseen.

Thanks for having this site. I plan on forwarding the addy to my sis (crimeologist) and boyfriend (he loves CL) and hopefully I can change his thoughts about this horrible site.

Thanks again.

No, thank you Tammie. The more that people know the more that craigslist will change their ways hopefully.

Our next winner is michi….

When I first started looking at Craigslist a few years ago (for rentals for a friend) i noticed that so many of the homes for rent did not match the price (homes were way to nice to rent for that low), so I stopped looking there for serious inquiries on things. I’m not sure how long after that, I started to hear more and more things on the news that happened because of postings on Craigslist.

Some people that I know, go on to Craigslist for anonymous “hook ups” and that is just gross.

Mostly because of the above reasons, and also because of what I have learned on your site keeps me away from Craigslist and I try to tell everyone I know why it is not the place to be.

No, it is not the place to be. The real place to be is the classifieds site that doesn’t have these issues. Really, you should have seen that coming. :)

Our last but certainly not least winner is LadyLeopard who brings up the real way of getting to Craig and Jim…

Craigslist is a fertile haven for criminals of all stripes because the owners refuse to filter who can post ads, and to filter the content of those ads. Not only can those who prey on others lure their victims to an isolated place to rob, rape, and/or kill them through the use of this service, it also gives the perverted, vile users and purveyors of children and kidnapped women a safe haven for contacting each other.

Those who own craigslist should be charged as aiding and abetting every crime that comes about as a result of their greedy and selfish refusal to police their ads. Since common decency and appeals to their humanity have failed (since they apparently don’t have any) the cost to pay for lawyers for the thousands of crimes they’d get charged with might hit their bank accounts hard enough to get them to do the decent thing.

Of course, we can hit them in the bank account as citizens – don’t use craigslist! Tell everyone you know who has or might use it why they shouldn’t! Send them here to read the stories. And tell them to pass it on to their friends.

Even though it’s a ‘free’ website it still has expenses and revenues and if they take a substantial hit in the wallet they might change their ways.

Your t-shirts are on their way.

The next t-shirt giveaway will start next week.