Man busted for craigslist sex for drugs ad

Man, seeking sex via Craigslist ad, busted on prostitution, drug charges:

Just because adult services may be gone doesn’t mean that crime is gone from craigslist. Take 29-year-old Casey Curtiss of Bridgeport, Conn. for example. He placed an ad on craigslist that police say was offering ecstasy pills in exchange for sex.

According to the police report, the ad was seen by Westport Det. Jillian Cabana on Sept. 1. It read: “Rolling tonight, would love a lady friend or friends if you have them and they want to ROLL with all expenses paid!!!! If ur interested email a pic. Will bring you to ectasy and back!!!!”

Female undercover officers met with Curtiss and arrested him when he allegedly produced the pills. Curtiss claims he was just looking to have a good time obviously forgetting that ecstasy is still illegal. He’s been charged with two counts of patronizing a prostitute, possession of a controlled substance and sale of a narcotic.

Apparently all that rolling must have deteriorated his brain for him not to realize that police read craigslist too.

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