Seattle Juggalo gets ready to go to trial

Court case progresses in alleged ‘Juggalo’ attack:

It seems that we have another Juggalo getting ready to go up the river. This time it’s 25-year-old Steven D. Bauder from the Seattle area. Bauder and an accomplice, 22-year-old Marcus D. Dennis, are accused in the 2008 murder of 25-year-old Noel Lopez in a beating that was said to have taken hours.

The motive behind the crime seems to be that Bauder didn’t seem to care for the way that Lopez was treating his 15-year-old ‘street sister’ whatever the hell that means. So Bauder and Dennis took him to a construction site where they beat Lopez to death.

Bauder has bought into the gimmick so much he allegedly considers himself a ‘street enforcer’.

Again, I am not saying that all Juggalos are criminals but there seems to be a large number of you that believe the gimmick a bit too strongly. And it’s not the music that makes assclowns like Bauder into psychopaths. I’m sure he already was one.

  • Dannyl

    Noel is my brother…unfortunately i am not able to attend much of the trial. Some of my family is there as jury selection and such gets underway. I plan to go for sentencing where i am sure i will have something to say to both the jury and the guilty. I do not support the death penalty but it is a crime in and of itself that they will not have to spend the rest of their lives in jail when they are found guilty.

  • Trench Reynolds

    I am sorry for your loss. Hopefully justice will be served.

  • Jordan hermundson

    i never met steven bauder, but he's very close to a lot of people. If you read or did anything, you'd know steven didnt kill him. That was his defendant. when you're a street kid, the rules are so much different. They might have gone a bit too far, but its even DOCUMENTED that steven didnt kill him, his defendant did. Steven is a great guy, from what the people who knew him was. His little defendant is a piece of shit though.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Did Bauder do anything to stop the beating? If not he's just as guilty.

  • Dominic

    I am Noel's oldest brother and I have been in court every day of the trial since the attorneys made their opening statements. I can assure you, Jordan, that Bauder did help kill Noel. Neither Bauder nor his attorney claim that he did not. No one is claiming he is not guilty of murder. The only dispute is if what he and Dennis did constitutes first degree murder or second degree murder i.e. premeditated or not. I cannot truly say I "know" Bauder, but everything I have observed about him and the evidence presented indicate that there is nothing "great" about him. He is a remorseless killer, an apelike thug, and a monumental idiot. If he is ever allowed to go free I have no doubt that he will commit further acts of violence and possibly murder. Who cares what the people who know him say. Even the greatest monsters in history were nice to the people they liked.

    You might think the rules are different for street kids but they are not. Its that very thinking that got Dennis and Bauder where they are now. Your assertion that "they might have gone a bit too far" is ridiculous. Beating someone at all is going too far. Beating them to death is more than a bit. My brother had a severe mental illness. He needed help. Instead of help he got brutally murdered. If any of you street kids had the slightest understanding or compassion, if any of you were "a great guy" my brother might not be dead and Bauder might not be in jail.

  • respectfully anonymo

    He was not present at the time that Noel was beaten to death. He knocked Noel out at the construction site without the intention of killing him (beating people up, though not ethical, is very common in street culture–it happens everyday), checked his pulse to make sure he was still breathing (and so capable of healing) and left–he thought that Smurf (Marcus Dennis) was leaving as well. What he did not realize is that Smurf decided he was gonna continue the beating–which lead it to it's end result. Steven Bauder left. He did not witness the murder, he would have stopped it.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Considering he just pleaded guilty it's a moot point now huh?