Upstate NY man charged with raping girl he met on VampireFreaks

Daniel Finocchiaro

27-year-old Daniel Finocchiaro of Clay, New York was arrested for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl that he met over the gothic social site VampireFreaks.

Not only that but he’s also accused of having webcam sex with the girl’s 12-year-old friend.

So not only do we have parents that didn’t check on their daughter’s internet activity we also have ones that allow a 12-year-old girl to have a webcam in her room with no supervision.

Predators are always going to be online. That’s an unfortunate reality but as I’ve said many times before parents are the only line of defense between their children and these child raping bastards. And also again if you let your kids have webcams in their rooms you might as well be inviting one of these scumbags into your house.

SD pair plead guilty to backpage child prostitution

31-year-old Megan Marie Hayes and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Brandon Quincy Thompson, have both pleaded guilty to their parts in running a child prostitution ring in Tea, South Dakota on the pages of the Village Voice Media owned

Hayes is only looking at 5 years but Thompson is looking at 15 to life. Again I’d be surprised if Thompson’s sentence was closer to 15 than life. It seems that federal prosecutors are more concerned about making deals than doing anything real to stop child prostitution.

It’s not hard to run a classifieds site that doesn’t traffic in children. does it all the time.

The fight isn’t over yet. Help spread the word on craigslist and backpage crime by winning a free CraigsCrimeList T-Shirt.

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Comic of the week: Green Lantern Corps 54

Only for the following dialog between Kyle Rayner and Sinestro.

Sinestro: This style of boxing is called Hammerfist. It was taught to me by the Korugarian Grand Master Tivas Kark. Who tought you how to fight?

Rayner: Batman.

SPOILER. Then like the useless piece of crap that he is Rayner gets his ass kicked by Sinestro. Batman would be disgusted.

Review of RockMelt

For those of you don’t know RockMelt is being touted as the ‘Facebook Browser’. I got an invite a few days ago so I took it for a spin.

Pros: Stupid fast. Very addictive with its Twitter and Facebook integration. Not only does it notify you of your friends’ Facebook updates but also notifies you of your Facebook notifications.

Cons: It’s based on the Google Chrome browser and I have some nit picky issues with Chrome. If this was based on Firefox instead it would be the perfect browser.

Verdict: Like I said it’s addictive and may become my primary browser. RockMelt gets the Trench Reynolds seal of approval.

If anybody needs an invite let me know at my Facebook.

Airport Security

There’s been a lot in the news lately about airport security. Actually it hasn’t been just lately. It’s been talked about since 9/11 and the talk has never been good with good reason.

Ever since 9/11 airport security has been nothing but reactionary. Since 9/11 was committed by terrorists with box cutters any item even resembling any kind of blade was not allowed on flights including the ever deadly nail clippers. After the Shoe Bomber we had to take off our shoes before boarding the plane. Then there were the guys in England who tried to board a flight with some kind of flammable liquids. That’s when they started making us carry only 3 oz. of any kind of liquid at one time. Then there was the Underwear Bomber and now we have the full body X-ray scans. The thing is I wouldn’t mind these breaches of privacy if they were actually effective.

As we’ve seen time and time again anytime they come up with a new security procedure someone else gets around it. Airport security is the biggest case of closing the barn door after the horses get out.

So what’s the alternative? In Israel rather than going through your stuff and and scanning you they ask you a series of questions about your travel plans. It must work pretty good since Israel is a country that’s serious about security. Would Americans be willing to undergo that kind of scrutiny? Would they rather have their bags rifled through by a high school drop out with a government connection or answer a series of questions about their traveling? Knowing how touchy some of us Yanks can be I would bet they’d prefer the current systems of gropings, strip searches and naked pictures. God forbid they’re actually probed about their travel plans.

Why that’s just an invasion of privacy.

Review of Top Gear (America) on History

I’m a big fan of Top Gear on BBC. I’ve seen every episode and all the specials. What I’m not is a car guy. I watch Top Gear to see the interaction of the British hosts, James May, Richard Hammond and of course one of my heroes Jeremy Clarkson. There’s no better chemistry between any other TV show hosts….IN THE WORLD. (Top Gear fans will get that.)

However I was willing to give Top Gear America a shot especially since there won’t be new episodes of Top Gear until January. I went into it with my fanboyism aside. I looked at it like when a band replaces a lead singer and becomes an entirely different band. Much like when Black Sabbath replaced Ozzy with Dio. Two awesome bands with the same name but both still awesome. Top Gear America was not that awesome but still a pretty fun show. I definitely found myself smiling and chuckling at parts of the show but not busting a gut laughing like a do with their British forefathers. Then again it was only the first episode while the original has had 15 series. That’s about 7 1/2 seasons to us Yanks.

I liked most of the hosts however I felt the banter between them was way too scripted. While Adam Ferrara seems like a nice guy they need a bigger name to fill the Clarkson role. I thought Jay Leno would have been great for Top Gear America. While Leno’s comedy may be lackluster he knows a thing or tow about cars and actually can be funny when he’s off the cuff. I actually liked Rutledge Wood because he seems like a big good ol’ boy which an American car show always needs.

It also seemed like they were trying too hard to be British Top Gear. I mean do we really need The Stig in America? We’re not really that much of a racing country outside of a NASCAR and The Stig won’t generate as much buzz here in the US as he has in the UK.

I thought the Buzz Aldrin interview was way too short. This is a man who is a national treasure and seemed like he was only on for about 5 minutes. I realize that with US TV you really have to pack as much in 45 minutes but again this is Buzz freakin’ Aldrin were talking about.

But again what it comes down to is will I tune in next week and from the teasers they showed about the upcoming episodes, yes, yes I will. If you really want to enjoy the show you just have to remember nothing is as good as the original Top Gear so just sit back and enjoy and leave your inner fanboy at the door.

For all things Top Gear check out

Why prescription drugs are so expensive

I know no one asked but I’m going to tell you anyway. Do you know why prescription drugs are so expensive? It’s obviously not the research since so many drugs have side effects that are worse than the disease. I doubt it’s the ingredients either. The reason I think that the cost of prescription drugs are so high is the amount of promotion that pharmaceutical companies put into their products. I’m not even talking about the multi-million dollar commercials that you see on TV. I think those should be illegal but I digress.

The promotion that I’m talking about is the one that’s pitched to doctors and the medical community at large. Anybody who has ever worked at any kind of medical facility can tell tales of the onslaught of promotion that they receive from the drug companies.

First there’s the drug reps. These are ridiculously good looking people whose sole purpose is to go to the doctors’ offices to try to get the doctors to use their drug. I imagine they have an equally ridiculous salary along with ridiculous travel expenses. If not I’m sure the drug companies are spending a lot of money creating these flawless people in their labs.

Then there’s the food. At some of the facilities I worked at drug reps would provide a catered lunch to the office staff at least once a week.

Most importantly there’s the toys. The drug reps come armed to the teeth with items branded with the drug’s name on it. Pen, pads, stress balls shaped like pills, stuffed toys that look like internal organs, clipboards, flashlights, frisbees, t-shirts, coffee mugs, tiny footballs, clocks, toy race cars, toy telescopes (that one actually came in handy), bouncy balls, bouncy balls that light up, pens that light up in different colors…well you get the idea.

So the next time you’re at the pharmacy and the fee for your prescription has gone up again just remember it’s because of a bunch of well fed medical employees with a lot of useless crap on their desks.

Lynn University student DeeJay DontStop arrested for Facebook threats

Daniel Shana

Some might say that 20-year-old Daniel Shana of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida may be a mutant. After all police say he posted threats on his Facebook that said “Columbine take 2,” “just registered for my firearms license” and “just purchased the Ruger SR9c 9 mm.” He also allegedly uploaded a video called “Columbine High School Massacre” to the known mutant hang out spot of YouTube. He also allegedly claimed that he “was tired of people picking on him and wanted to scare them into leaving him alone.”

If that really was the case I would say “You’re 20-years-old. Man up Nancy.” But what really drove him to allegedly post the threats is that he was angry that his ex was dating someone else. Boo-Hoo it happens. I was dumped a lot in my early 20s and was also given the ‘you’re such a good friend’ speech as well. It never caused me to make a campus wide threat.

Also Shana allegedly calls himself DeeJay DontStop and had the words Dont Stop written across his knuckles at the time of his arrest.

I don’t think he’s a mutant. He’s just some dumbass kid who got too attached to some college tail.

Joshwa Carlisle set his mistress and daughter on fire

What the fuck kind of name is Joshwa?

Indiana Man Accused Of Burning Baby Alive:

Brizzi may seek death penalty for slayings, arson:

Double Murder Suspect Makes First Court Appearance:

22-year-old Joshwa Carlisle of Indianapolis has been arrested in the deaths of his mistress, 25-year-old Tracie Shannon, and their daughter 9-month-old Juliana Shannon.

Carlisle is alleged to have suffocated Tracie Shannon before setting the apartment on fire. Investigators also say that Carlisle doused his own infant daughter on lighter fluid before setting her on fire while still alive. Police say they knew that Juliana was alive during the fire because she had carbon monoxide in her lungs.

The DA seems to think that the motive in the killings was that Carlisle was told that he would need to provide $200 a month child support.

When Zeroboss first started PBB (now BB) I started a site at the same time called News of Doom. One of the ways to be automatically included on that site was to set someone on fire. I can only imagine the pain that someone must endure by being burned to death. Now factor in that one of the victims was a 9-month old baby. Imagine not only the pain but the fear that went through her while being burned alive.

There’s an old classic for arsonist douechebags like this. They should nail his dick to the floor, set the room on fire, hand him a hacksaw and see if he can make it out in time.

Thanks to Terri for the tip.

Quindell Sherman flung his baby 25 feet into the street

Quindell Sherman

Bail set at $2.5 million for man charged with killing baby son:

Police in Columbus, Ohio arrested 20-year-old Quindell Sherman for the brutal murder of his 3-month-old son, Jayden Mitchell.

Police say that Sherman got into a domestic dispute with his baby mama where he punched the boy’s mother along with her grandmother he grabbed his son and threw him down hard on a concrete landing. Then he allegedly flung the child about 25 feet into the street before dragging him around like a rag doll. Then he ran into an alley and slammed the boy down on the ground again. Police caught up to him as Sherman was in a dumpster standing on top of the 3-month-old boy.

This is one of those stories that would make most people cry imagining the horrific pain this poor infant must have gone through. Others will be enraged over the lack of basic human decency that this scumbag had for his own flesh and blood. Being as numb as I am I can only shake my head and wonder just what reason Sherman had to be so selfish that he would commit such a heinous and brutal murder against someone as defenseless as a small child.

I hate to repeat myself but Sherman is another scumbag that needs to be strapped to the side of a wrecking ball and slammed against the side of a building until he is nothing more than a red smear on both the wrecking ball and the concrete.

Rot in hell scumbag.

Thanks to MissLisa for the tip.