Ray Lee Wayne strikes again

I joke around with a theory that the middle names of Lee, Ray or Wayne pretty much guarantee that man will turn out to be a criminal. It seems that someone took it personally as I got the following e-mail from one of my other sites.

quit bagging on my brother Jesse not saying what he did was okay its just time you quit beating a dead horse… by the way a confederate general had the middle name of Lee and he was not a criminal and I have a few friends with the middle names ray and lee and they are upstanding citizens so to say people with those middle names are likely to become criminals shows how judge mental you are

To be honest I don’t even know who they’re talking about. But Jesse is probably some alleged child toucher that I posted about. 
Anyway if a Confederate general had the middle name of Lee then he was a criminal. The crime was sedition. Oh, and judgmental is one word.