Missoula child prostitution ring johns sentenced

4 sentenced as Missoula prostitution ring clients:

I originally posted about the Missoula, Montana child prostitution ring in craigslist here and here.

The johns that were arrested for soliciting the girls were sentenced this past week to were all sentenced to 6 months in jail. Again not a serious enough sentence for paid child rape but it’s a start.

However I want to point out something mentioned in the article. Even though the alleged ring leaders, 30-year-old Richard A. Carpita and 21-year-old Anthony J. Brazington, were running this ring prior to the shut down of adult services they were advertising these girls in the casual encounters section. You know that section don’t you? It’s the one where no monitoring ever goes on and has been used for child molestation and revenge rapes.

Until craigslist either cleans up or moderates that section the fight is far from over.

The fight isn’t over yet. Help spread the word on craigslist and backpage crime by winning a free CraigsCrimeList T-Shirt.

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  • Gnrplmmr

    Whoever wrote this is an illiterate ape. Seriously. “Child prostitution?” Gimme a break. Casual encounters….bet you know that section well.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y3GLUX5XZRRUGN7DUA72A2MK7E Cindy Vogt

    Wow!!! Last time I checked a 16 year old girl is still a child, and forcing a girl to have sex for money is still prostitution. All I can say to you is “Please, please, please don’t procreate!”

  • http://trenchreynolds.com/ Trench Reynolds

    Ook ook, me want banana. Bobo can’t read. 

    Seriously though it sounds like this is either a ‘hobbyist’ or someone who got busted in Missoula. 

  • Gopher

    There are 16 year olds who are “children” yes. Maybe yours are. 

    But here’s some news for ya. There are 16 year olds who are more hard and experienced than your grandmother, who smoke a pack a day and have had two kids already. Are you seriously trying to defend the latter as “kids”?? They are NOT kids, and it’s time we got real about it. This is modern America and lets stop lying to ourselves.

  • http://trenchreynolds.com/ Trench Reynolds

    They would be children if they weren’t overly sexualized by you people. And when I say you people I mean childlove scum but feel free to take it in the way that most offends you. 

  • http://pagansagainstchildabuse.spruz.com/ DodiaFae

    They are still kids.  Just because they’ve been exploited by perverts and scum doesn’t make them any older or wiser.