Win it. Wear it. Share it. Round 13

Win a free craigscrimelist t-shirt

It’s been almost 3 months since we gave away a free craigscrimelist t-shirt. It makes me wonder if people are thinking that crime on classifieds sites has gone away or is not that important. I couldn’t disagree more. Crime is still alive and well on craigslist and even more so on the Village Voice Media owned backpage. But I digress.

It seems almost disrespectful to call this week’s t-shirt commenter a winner. Her commenting name is Kristies2 and she is a relative of craigslist murder victim Heather Snively. Here is her comment.

Ever since my beloved step daughter was murdered by a woman she actually met through another woman on Craigslist, just the mention of that website makes my heart skip a beat. But I will go through that skipping countless times in my own life to try and save another. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve warned people about using this website. I always tell them it is a TOOL for criminals. Not just murderers looking to steal babies from young mothers, but for prostitution and countless other illegal activities. It’s just sad that the police seem to only be able to do anything if there is a loss of life. I’m with you guys in working to somehow get rid of Craigslist in any way possible. We NEED to spread the word. I’ve been working on it on Facebook but still there are people that think they might ok, or it can’t happen to them. (Of course, I remind them what happened to Heather at that point) I’m living proof that it CAN happen. Our family was like any other with our normal lives, but all that was changed when I received a horrifying phone call from Heather Snively’s father at 5am, telling me Heather had been murdered. It just CAN’T happen. That always happens to other people. But now I definitely tell people that you really never know. Your life can change in an instant. And if you have a CHOICE to a situation, so it. BE SAFE. NOT SORRY.

It doesn’t get any more real than that. Do you want someone you know to be the victim of a horrible crime like that?

But now on to this week’s contest which is the same as it has been.

Today is your chance to win a free craigscrimelist t-shirt emblazoned with the motto “Friends don’t let friends use craigslist.”

As before the rules are simple. Please comment on this post why you are boycotting craigslist or backpage or why you don’t use craigslist or backpage in the first place or why you think it’s a bad idea to use craigslist or backpage.

Please use the e-mail address you would like to be contacted at in the e-mail address field.

If you have entered before and have not won you can enter on this and future posts as well.

This contest will end 8pm Eastern Time Monday (1/2/2011) or later if the apathy continues, but there will be more chances to win shirts in the coming weeks.

Take a stand. Do the right thing. And you might win a shirt in the process.

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  • Courtney Wilson

    I also am not a fan. There is not enough regulation or privacy with that site. I have purchased things before and had my money stolen. After whaty happened to Heather (I only knew her through her stepmother Kristie) and the “Cragslist Killer” I don’t understand why it is still operating.

  • vikki wakefield

    who cares boohoo sorry it happend but time to ge ton with ur life now and wow givine away a free t shirt just for osme thing like this how do i ge tmine this site should be shut down let the news take care of reporting it not some low life sits at home with nothing better to do then post such nonsence

  • Trench Reynolds

    Lewis, you can use all the fake names you want but I know it’s you.