News of Doom: Woman rapes baby sends videos to boyfriend

Inez Lambert

24-year-old Inez Lambert of Portland, Oregon has been arrested for allegedly raping a 1-year-old boy that she baby sat. On top of that she’s also accused of recording the acts and sending the videos to her boyfriend serving in Afghanistan, 31-year-old Corey H. McADoo. He’s been arrested as well and is being held in federal custody.

Police say that Lambert sent the videos to her boyfriend as some kind of bizarre cybersex game.

Lambert was also a daycare worker at an LA Fitness in Portland though police say they don’t believe that she molested any of the children there.

Police were tipped off by a friend of Lambert’s who let Lambert use her computer. Lambert left her e-mail logged in and the friend discovered the videos.

How do two pustules on the ass of society like this initially engage in this kind of behavior? How the hell do you approach this subject with your significant other? “Hey honey, while I’m serving overseas do you what would turn me on? If you blew a 1-year-old baby and sent me the videos.” Or is she just one of those women that is so desperate to have a man that she would do anything for him no matter how repulsive?

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call the county’s child abuse tipline at 503-823-0306.

Nod of Doom to Amy.