Win it. Wear it. Share it. Round 15

Win a free craigscrimelist t-shirt

I only received one comment for the last t-shirt giveaway but what a comment it was. This is from Phyllie417…

As I child I was dragged state to state by an abusive father. The degenerates always found us. Everytime the authorities would start asking questions we moved on. When I turned 12, and got too old for his entertainment, he threw me out. I lived with one abuser after another before getting married at 15.
I wrote my college thesis on human trafficking, from the first person. It was one of the hardest thing I ever did besides testifying against my father. He spent a mere 15 years in prison for everything he did to dozens if not hundreds of children.

Today, I tell people why I HATE Craigslist. I hate it, because it gives these bastards a place to set up shop. It’s all too easy for them to practice their filth, without help from a mainstream webpage.

And it is still going on within craigslist’s pages in some of the unmoderated sections such as casual encounters.

But now on to this week’s contest which is the same as it has been.

Today is your chance to win a free craigscrimelist t-shirt emblazoned with the motto “Friends don’t let friends use craigslist.”

As before the rules are simple. Please comment on this post why you are boycotting craigslist or backpage or why you don’t use craigslist or backpage in the first place or why you think it’s a bad idea to use craigslist or backpage.

Please use the e-mail address you would like to be contacted at in the e-mail address field.

If you have entered before and have not won you can enter on this and future posts as well.

This contest will end 8pm Eastern Time 1/31/2011 or later if comments are light, but there will be more chances to win shirts in the coming weeks.

Take a stand. Do the right thing. And you might win a shirt in the process.

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