Dealer busted in craigslist pot for Xbox exchange

Let’s make a deal: Pot for XBox:

Police in Butte County, *snicker* California arrested 24-year-old Sean Evans after he allegedly tried to exchange 2 ounces of weed for an Xbox on craigslist. Seems like a little lopsided deal to me.

Anyway this simple exchange uncovered a pretty substantial growing operation and that Evans was illegally supplying one of California’s many marijuana dispensaries. Police also discovered a shotgun along with a disabled 18-month-old baby on the premises.

Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Patterson had this to say about guys like Evans…

“It’s all under the guidelines of (Proposition 215),” Patterson said. “These are the type of people who are ruining it for that 1 percent who need their marijuana. These are the people who give the whole thing a black eye.”

Which goes to show that California’s medical marijuana program is nothing more than a joke.

No word on what ‘clever’ code words Evans may have used on his craigslist ad but obviously it wasn’t coded cleverly enough.

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  • Barrie Real Estate

    Sean Evans must be sentenced to jail for a long period of time. Marijuana for exchange with Xbox, a crap for us and once caught you goes to jail then.