Trench gets a Virgin Dongle

So I’m away from stately Reynolds Manor and I’m up at the South Jersey safehouse. (long story) Anyway the safehouse is not wired for internet so in order to stay in contact with my family and all of you I needed to purchase a mobile broadband modem.

I had previously used Cricket on one of my South Jersey excursions but their coverage area is weak. My brother, Suit Reynolds, told me that Virgin Mobile had unlimited mobile broadband for $40/mo if you buy the modem. So I bought the modem at Wally World for just under 80 bucks and started enjoying my unlimited broadband.

As I’m sure you probably know between downloading Linux distros and streaming video I am an internet power user so I was happy with the unlimited plan. Except a day after I purchased the modem Virgin decides to change the bandwidth to 5GB/mo. I used up my 5GB in less than a week however they don’t cut you off or charge extra once you hit the 5GB limit. Basically what they do is Virgin reserves the option to throttle down your bandwidth speed  to roughly 250/kb per second. Outside of sites like YouTube I have not noticed any kind of degradation of service.

While I wish that Virgin would have announced in advance of the limit change I still give their service the Trench Reynolds seal of approval (bark bark).

UPDATE 3/19/2011: Seal of approval REVOKED.