UK pedo pleads guilty to net crimes

Barry McCluiskey

39-year-old Barry McCluskey of Glasgow, Scotland has pleaded guilty to preying on at least 49 girls online, some of which through the social networking site Bebo.

McCluskey posed as a teenage girl named either Clare or Missy who was either bi or a lesbian. McCluskey then would get the girls, at least one of whom was 10-years-old, to strip and perform explicit acts on webcam. If they became uncooperative McCluskey would blackmail them into complying to his wishes.

First off it takes a ‘big man’ to prey upon a 10-year-old girl and to blackmail other girls into to doing his pedo bidding. The second thing is what are all these girls doing online unattended with webcams especially the 10-year-old. I’m not blaming the victims but where the hell were their parents?

McCluskey is going to be sentenced later this year and knowing the UK’s reputation in dealing with sex offenders he’ll probably get less than a year in jail.