Crips indicted in child prostitution ring

Gang members indicted in online prostitution ring:

In San Diego 36 members of the infamous Crips gang were indicted for running a prostitution ring that included under age girls. They allegedly used craigslist, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to recruit the girls and craigslist and backpage to peddle them. 30 underage girls were rescued by investigators who say the girls were forced to work all over the country.

Investigators also said that there were adult women that were used in the ring who were traded among the various pimps.

If human beings being traded like livesttock isn’t the textbook definition of slavery I don’t know what is. Yet some people will still say that prostitution is a victimless crime. This also shows that not only is prostitution and trafficking still going on within craigslist but that backpage hasn’t really done anything to try and put a stop to trafficking on their site.

The fight isn’t over yet. Help spread the word on craigslist and backpage crime by winning a free CraigsCrimeList T-Shirt.

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  • White Rose

    And yet all the above name social sites insist they are safe and secure for all, especially children. Even when indicted or under Federal investigation for just such garbage, Facebook insists they have no such issues