Win it. Wear it. Share it. Round 20

Win a free craigscrimelist t-shirt

It’s been way too long since we last gave away a free CCL t-shirt but we get to give one away today It goes to Pamela for the following comment

I do not use Craigslist because of all the terrible things that have happened from using it, as for the backpage they need to remove it. It is so sad when these girls are in this kind of situation and everyone who uses this page is just as guilty as the ones hurting these girls!It could be your wife or daughter. Thank you for everything you do to inform use of CL crime.

Thank you Pamela for being such a great reader. I’ll be contacting you to have the shirt sent out to you.

Speaking of the shirts there is going to be a slight delay in having them sent out in the next couple of weeks due to personal reasons but the contests continue.

Today is your chance to win a free craigscrimelist t-shirt emblazoned with the motto “Friends don’t let friends use craigslist.”

As before the rules are simple. Please comment on this post why you are boycotting craigslist or backpage or why you don’t use craigslist or backpage in the first place or why you think it’s a bad idea to use craigslist or backpage.

Please use the e-mail address you would like to be contacted at in the e-mail address field.

If you have entered before and have not won you can enter on this and future posts as well.

This contest will end 8pm Eastern Time 6/13/2011 or later if comments are light, but there will be more chances to win shirts in the coming weeks.

Take a stand. Do the right thing. And you might win a shirt in the process.

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  • Anonymous

    Ok Trench .. if you recall we had a diff of opinions on some page and you unfriended me…:( my life hasn’t been the same since 
    :( <— you do see my tears here right…anyway i read your badbreeders page and had no clue about this one…i thought i had every news site like yours and others bookmarked…this is an awesome site and i may just have to order your tshirt! i hate craigslist but and i know that we will differ once again on opinions here..without it they would have never caught so many people..including the pedo's … i think that LE has to get up to speed with the times though and utilize it more often…i mean if some scammer can automatically email you after placing an ad there then why can't LE see the new posts just as automatically and have it alert them to key words and phrases..before someone is sold into sexual servitude or something anyway good job with this site and the badbreeders site

  • Trench Reynolds

    Sorry about that. Send me another friend request and I’ll add you back. Also don’t forget about : ) 

  • April

    What the fuck, Trench?  Why would you go and break this poor girl’s heart like that?  Back to your corner!  NOW!!

    BTW – I bet you didn’t think I was still reading, did you?

  • Trench Reynolds

    You got me.