The face of backpage escorts?

From dreams to prostitution:

The article I linked to is a great article from the Shreveport Times in Louisiana. It’s about a prostitute named Samantha Hutchinson who is 19-years-old. Miss Hutchinson was recently arrested in Shreveport after posting an ad on the Village Voice Media owned According to a friend of mine from the Shreveport area Shreveport has a huge problem with prostitution and human trafficking.

This is an article that I hope the goons at Village Voice Media read since it shows what is actually happening to the women that are being prostituted on their websites. However I get the feeling they already have and have disregarded it as they count the money the make on the backs of women and children.

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  • Camerawork2000

    No, Shreveport doesn’t have much of a problem with prostitution nor any problems with “human trafficking.” There is prostitution here, to be sure, but it is pretty low key and minor on the list of problems the city has, believe me.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Granted I don’t live in Shreveport but that’s not what I hear from the media. residents and law enforcement there.