News of Doom: Man accused of raping teen with Wii controller

Nicholas Parry

Man accused of raping boy during sleepover:

Charges filed in alleged Wii control rape:

26-year-old Nicholas Parry is accused of using a gun peripheral used for the Nintendo Wii to forcibly sodomize, aka rape, a 12-year-old boy.

Parry, for some reason, was at a sleepover being held for boys in Magna, Utah. Parry got drunk, because that’s what you want to do when overseeing a bunch of teens. The 12-year-old boy did something video game related that Parry didn’t like so Parry allegedly took the Wii gun and anally raped the 12-year-old with it.

For a bit of reference here is a picture of the gun peripheral that my brother has for his Wii.

It’s a good 2 feet long and obviously not designed to be rectally inserted, with consent or otherwise.

But the first time wasn’t allegedly enough. Police say that the next morning when Parry was sober got pissed of again by something the victim did and got the Wii gun and raped the kid again with it.

Again I have to ask what kind of would be macho tough guy douchebag would even think of raping a kid with a controller just because he got his ass kicked at video games? Not once but twice?

If Karma is going to punch his ticket he’ll have a lot more to worry about going into his ass in prison than a Wii controller.

Thanks to April for the tip.

  • April

    I’m still wondering what the fuck her was doing at a kids party.  Drunk!

  • Trench Reynolds

    I’m guessing he does mostly everything drunk. 

  • April

    Wonderful.  The world needs more drunk, child raping douche fucks.

  • Nancy Russell

    Well this is positively dreadful. Pretty sure I would have run screaming into the night after the first assault, but I’m not a 12 year old boy who’s just been raped so I can’t really say what I would have done in his position. Poor kid.