Damien Echols (Check it out, now I'm Bono)

  • flickaflacka

    I guess you believe that bigfoot is real and that witches did exsist in Salem huh??!!!?? You really are and idiot. But then again WM3 are guilty… cause they wore black clothes… bite me you back woods butt fucking  beeeeeeeoooootch!!

  • http://trenchreynolds.com/ Trench Reynolds

    Please show me where I said any of that.

  • Salem Kid

    I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent but this guy is a major league douche bag regardless. The word “sociopath” in the dictionary has Echols’ name right next to it. He’s a master manipulator and preys on people with little to no self esteem. I hate seeing him in Salem Common or anywhere downtown. Just hoping he screws up soon and breaks probation.

  • http://trenchreynolds.com/ Trench Reynolds

    Thanks for the comment Kid but unfortunately his handlers are too smart to let him go off the reservation.