West Memphis 3 lawyers throw spaghetti against the wall to see if they can get it to stick to Terry Hobbs

Damien Echols (If it's in a movie it has to be true. Right guys?)

Damien Echols (If it’s in a movie it has to be true. Right guys?)

New sworn statements implicate Terry Hobbs in West Memphis Three case:

The legal team for the West Memphis 3 are up to their old tricks again. Once again they’re using what I like to call spaghetti tactics in order to get their clients exonerated. What I mean by that is that they’re throwing every cockamamie theory against the wall to see if they can get one of them to stick. This time their target is Terry Hobbs once again.

The legal team says that they have sworn statements from three people, who passed polygraphs no less, that Terry Hobbs admitted to killing Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. Well not directly from Terry Hobbs. The statements are from three guys who said Terry Hobbs’ nephew, Michael Hobbs Jr., told them that Terry Hobbs admitted to killing the boys. Isn’t that same type of hearsay the WM3 supporters claim when people say that Echols told other people that he killed the children?

I’m sure the defenders will ask me why would these three guys lie? There could be any number of reasons, the first being personal gain. I mean who wouldn’t jump at the chance to go from a dirt poor hick town to riding the West Memphis 3 gravy train. Another reason could be retribution. Even an attorney for the West Memphis 3 admits that Michael Hobbs Jr. has given information to the police about 2 of the 3 men in question. Let’s also not forget that polygraphs aren’t as reliable as TV and movies would have you believe. That’s why for decades they’ve not been admissible in court.

Plus I find it less than coincidental that the statements of these three men appear in Peter Jackson’s ‘documentary’ West of Memphis which was highlighted at the Sundance Film Festival recently. You know the film I’m talking about. It’s the one that Jackson directed that was produced by Damian Echols.

It would be different if the WM3 supporters could have focused on one suspect rather than several different ones. Like I said before, first it was the mysterious black guy at the Bojangles. Then it was Mark Byers who was basically the bogeyman of Paradise lost 1 and 2. And now with their supposed DNA ‘evidence’ they think it’s Terry Hobbs. In a few years they’ll probably say it was either Bigfoot or Jimmy Hoffa.

The defenders also ask if the West Memphis 3 are not innocent then why was the State of Arkansas afraid to give them a new trial? That one’s easy. The state of Arkansas doesn’t have a Hollywood backed PR machine behind it. Basically the freedom of three convicted child killers were bought and paid for by Hollywood. As I’ve shown recently Hollywood money can get some amazing yet shady things done.

As far as exoneration goes I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. I think the real reason Echols’ is fighting for exoneration, because let’s face it this is who it’s all about, is a money grab. If he’s exonerated I would imagine there would be a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the State of Arkansas.

But Echols couldn’t get all this fame and fortune if it wasn’t for the brainwashed masses who believe every lie that comes out of Echols’ trap. Way to think for yourselves.

Richard Beasley charged with Ohio craigslist killings

Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley

Adult in Ohio Craigslist case charged with murder:

This past Friday 52-year-old Richard Beasley was indicted for the craigslist murders of Ralph Geiger, David Pauley, and Timothy Kern. Beasley is accused of posting a phony craigslist ad for employment at a nonexistent ranch then killing the perspective applicants when they showed up.

The indictment states that Beasley was allegedly the triggerman in all 3 murders and the attempted murder of Scott Davis who was able to escape his assailant.

Beasley was being held on drug and prostitution charges while investigators worked on the murder charges.

His alleged accomplice, 16-year-old Brogan Rafferty, has been charged as an adult.

Prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for Beasley.

Why you should be outraged about the MegaUpload arrests


Popular file-sharing website Megaupload shut down:

Normally when the internet as a whole is outraged about something I’m usually the first person to piss on the internet’s Cheerios. Now, being the grim spectre of truth that I am, I’m going to tell you why you should be outraged over the arrests of the MegaUpload officials.

For those of you not familiar with MegaUpload it was a site where you could share large files with someone. For example my brother and I are working on a project we hope to put on YouTube. He records the video and I edit it. Since he’s in New England and I’m in the South a site like MegaUpload could have helped us in getting the large video files to each other. Of course some of the users of MegaUpload used it to trade pirated materials such as copyrighted music and movies.

Yesterday the Department of Justice arranged to not only have MegaUpload.com shut down but they’ve had most of the company officials arrested. In their indictments they say that MegaUpload has cost copyright holders five hundred million dollars. That’s $500,000,000.

Here’s why you should be outraged. The company officials that have been arrested were arrested in New Zealand. Last time I checked New Zealand was not a U.S. possession. Not only that but the arrestees have been denied bail.

Let me break this down for you. This is obviously being fueled by the RIAA and the MPAA. I mean how else would the DOJ come up with such an arbitrary number as $500M? Apparently those groups are powerful enough to have their tentacles in the governments of two different countries.

If the crime was something along the lines of murder the international extradition would be tied up in red tape for years. For example take the case of Ira Einhorn. In the late 1970s he killed his girlfriend Holly Maddux. He fled to France before he could be arrested. He was finally arrested in France in 1997 but France wouldn’t extradite him to the U.S. until the death penalty was taken off the table. He was finally brought to the states in 2002 after the US acquiesced to France’s demand and he wasn’t even a French citizen.

Now New Zealand is more than happy to ship some of their citizens to America in the express lane over file sharing. This is a massive abuse of power. The manpower and money being used to bring these people to the US could be better used at home to capture murderers, rapists, child molesters and human traffickers. Instead the DOJ shows that it’s in the back pocket of entertainment lobbyists.

Here’s your true global conspiracy.

Poe Toaster no shows, fans say Nevermore


Poe Fans Call an End to ‘Toaster’ Tradition:

I’m only a passing fan of Edgar Allan Poe. Of course who doesn’t enjoy The Raven but Poe was the author of one of my favorite stories of all time, The Cask of Amontillado.

What I’m more of a fan of is the tradition of the mysterious figure clad in black who would leave roses and brandy at the grave of Poe on his birthday. A tradition that some say not only goes back to the 1930s but has possibly spanned through generations of the Poe Toaster’s family.

Now it seems that the tradition is now as dead as Poe and just as shrouded in mystery as the tortured author’s death.

For the third year in a row the mysterious figure has not left his traditional tribute on Poe’s grave.

In past years some less than scrupulous people have tried to discern the man’s identity and that may have killed the tradition outright. As I’ve said in previous years some things should just remain mysteries.

Now the official attendees of the annual tradition have said they are calling off their annual pilgrimage to Baltimore after this year.

I always wanted to attend but it seems like this dream for me will remain unfulfilled.

And yes I finally gave in to using the ‘Nevermore’ cliché.

Man arrested after offering $10K Facebook bounty on ex-girlfriend

Joshua Payne

Joshua Payne

Kentucky man offered $10,000 reward for help finding woman who fled from him:

There are few things more frightening for a woman then when she’s trying to escape an abuser. Even though you did nothing wrong you’re on the run like a criminal. Always looking over your shoulder afraid of your abuser finding you. It’s even worse if you have a child, always wondering if your child is safe while not in your immediate view. Now imagine that not only your abuser found you but finding out that someone you thought was a friend sold you out to your abuser. That’s what investigators say exactly happened in Longmont, Colorado.

Police say that 29-year-old Joshua Payne of Kentucky posted on his Facebook page that he would give anyone $10,000 for information leading to him finding his ex-girlfriend. His ex had fled Kentucky with her son to get away from Payne and with the assistance of a woman’s shelter she made her way to Longmont. She was in the process of changing her name and Social Security number in order to better hide from Payne.

Payne’s ex was befriended in Longmont by a woman named Madison Greenfield. She had told Greenfield all about Payne’s abuse and the fact that she fled with their son. Greenfield is said to have Googled information about Payne where she found his Facebook page and the $10K offer. Greenfield allegedly gave up the goods on the woman to Payne.

A witness tipped off police in Longmont and they tracked Payne as soon as he entered Colorado. He was arrested when police found him parked outside his ex’s building. Greenfield has also been arrested on charges of conspiracy.

Unfortunately the story isn’t over yet. Payne was able to post bond and is out walking the streets.

This coward shouldn’t have even been given bail in my opinion especially considering he had to cross multiple states to get to his ex. Things like restraining orders and pending court hearings do not stop violent abusing pussies like this.

I can only hope that the victim is under some kind of protective custody.

Thanks to Cynical Me for the tip.

UPDATE: Payne is back behind bars after being arrested on a Kentucky warrant for custodial interference.

19-year-old backpage pimp beats woman pregnant with his child

Javed M. Mobin

Javed M. Mobin

Burnsville man accused of prostituting woman pregnant with his child:

That outstanding citizen over there is 19-year-old Javed M. Mobin of Burnsville, Minnesota. Don’t let the age fool you as he’s being accused of a lot of very bad things.

Not only is he accused of forcing a woman to work for him as a prostitute on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com he’s also accused of beating and choking her and threatening her with further violence if she didn’t continue working for him. The victim claims that she had been forced to work for him since July of 2011. Did I also mention that she’s seven months pregnant with his baby?

So let’s put this into perspective. A 19-year-old kid is forcing a woman to have sex with strangers, he is allegedly repeatedly physically assaulting her while she is pregnant with his baby. It doesn’t get much more disgusting than that.

Oh wait, yes it does. Village Voice Media is making money off of this woman’s suffering and claiming it’s a free speech issue. Yeah, that’s as disgusting as it gets.

Six Degrees of Dio: AC/DC


I mean who doesn’t know AC/DC? They have a long storied career that has spanned over 5 decades. So it’s not surprising that their connection to Dio is a rather short one.


Simon Wright played drums for AC/DC from 1983 to 1988. Wright also played drums for Dio from 1990-1991 and 1998-2010. It doesn’t get any more direct than that.

Here is the Simon Wright backed AC/DC with ‘Shake Your Foundation’ off of 1985’s Fly on the Wall.

Pimpinella strikes again: Charged with rape of disabled woman

Alex Pimpinella

Alex Pimpinella

More sex crime charges filed against Monroeville man:

Cops: Monroeville Man Rapes Challenged Woman:

I originally posted about 23-year-old Alex Pimpinella of Monroeville, Pennsylvania here. In 2009 he was arrested on statutory rape charges for having sex with a 13-year-old girl that he met on MySpace. He pleaded guilty to statutory sexual assault and was only given three years probation. It seems that Pimpinella, aka DJ Krave, couldn’t wait out the three years before raping again.

This time Pimpinella is accused of twice raping an 18-year-old mentally challenged woman that he met through MySpace. Apparently his ‘type’ are children and the handicapped. You know, the most vulnerable of our society.

This douchebag is a prime example of why sex offenders should be given prison time and not just probation. To sexual predators probation just means that they got away with it. If he had been given a real sentence he would have had one less victim.

While everyone is writing their congress critters about SOPA and PIPA why don’t you also do some real good and write your state government about increasing the penalties for rapists, especially if you live in Pennsylvania.

Six Degrees of Dio: A Pale Horse Named Death


I’m kind of going in alphabetical order through my musical collection but don’t ask me why Iron Maiden was first. Anyway today’s band is A Pale Horse Named Death.

If you’re not familiar with them they’re a cross between Type O Negative and Alice in Chains. That shouldn’t be surprising since there are two former members of Type O in APHND.

So here’s the route I took to Ronnie James Dio…


Sal Abruscato of APHND was in Type O Negative with Peter Steele. Type O recorded the song ‘Matchstick Men’ with Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy was in Black Sabbath with Tony Iommi. Tony of course was in Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell with Ronnie James Dio.

Here’s APHND with my favorite song off of their album And Hell Will Follow Me, ‘Meet The Wolf’.

UPDATE: An astute commenter on the APHND Facebook page mentioned that Peter Steele and Tony Iommi did a song together. I completely forgot about that so Ozzy can be skipped entirely in this case.

And a very special thank you to Sal Abruscato himself for linking to this post on both Facebook and Twitter.

Houston man accused of MySpace child rape

Christopher Gerard Glover

Christopher Gerard Glover

Houston man accused of sex with preteen he met on MySpace:

43-year-old Christopher Gerard Glover of Houston, Texas is charged with meeting a 12-year-old on MySpace then having sex with the boy. Before you get ahead of me let’s address the term ‘had sex’. 12-year-old boys in no way can ever legally consent to sex whether it be with a male or female adult. Let’s call this what it is, child rape.

Glover is said to have had a 3 year ‘relationship’ (series of rapes) with the boy from 2008 to 2011. In that time the victim states that at first they would have sex five times a month then it tapered off to two times a month. So it sounds like that Glover had a rape schedule, allegedly.

Glover’s supposed defense is worthy of Michael Jackson…

In a voluntary interview with police, Glover at first said he engaged in sexual intercourse with the boy but later changed his story to say the two merely lay down on the bed naked together.

Oh, well that makes it ok then.

What I want to know is Glover’s relationship to the victim. Is he in some position of authority over the victim. I mean how else can a 12-year-old boy go to a grown man’s house and have this happen repeatedly without the parents noticing?

By the way in case you needed reminding yet again 12-year-olds don’t need to be on any social site.