Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to review Hannah Overton case

Hannah 'Salty Dog' Overton

Hannah ‘Salty Dog’ Overton

Overton case to be reviewed by Texas appeals court:

Churches can do great things for society when they put their minds to it. Some of the greatest charities in this country are run by churches. Churches can also do great evil when they lead their congregations astray. Such is the case of Hannah Overton.

As you should know by now Overton was convicted of killing her foster son Andrew Burd by sodium poisoning and blunt force trauma. The number of atrocities committed on Andrew have been well documented on this site. Now the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals will be reviewing Hannah Overton’s case. The reason they are reviewing the case is because her church and the ‘Free Hannah’ movement have raised money to produce a video declaring her innocence.

The group has also sent letters to Texas Governor Rick Perry to plead her case. If you’ve been following the Republican primaries you should know by now that Perry is a bigot that hides behind the Bible.

I don’t know how much money they raised but whatever the amount was it probably could have been served better going to some needy families instead of trying to free a convicted child killer. If you ever read any of the excuses that the Free Hannah movement has put out there they sound like the ramblings of a 4-year-old trying to get out of trouble from their parents.

I think the sane people of this world need to fire back and fight for Andrew Burd since he can’t fight for himself.

I would like everybody out there to write the Texas Court of Appeals and tell them why they think that Hannah Overton should be kept behind bars. Their address is 201 W 14th St Austin, TX 78701.

When you write them please be courteous and professional in your letters. And if you’re a Christian please let them know that as well. Let them know that not all of us are blinded by our faith.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pandora114 Monique Boulanger

    I hope they laugh in her face. Like an epic mindfuck “Here we’re reviewing your appeal, HAH BAZINGA you’re not getting one Bye!”

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    You get a like for use of the word Bazinga. 

  • Muggle

    If she actually does get one, it’ll last all of 10 seconds.  “Oh, you’re here to appeal your conviction of murdering your child.  Yeah, we’ve looked at the facts, and you’re full of shit and so is your church. Court adjourned!”

  • Jemimabean

    Personally, I would spend the money they raised on salt to force feed her until her insides failed. You know, a bit like what SHE did to an innocent  child.

  • Crystal

    As an Austin Born and Bred Gal, this is a laughable travesty and an embarrassment to our great state. Our Fearless Leader, Senor Perry, is another joke whom we’ve had to endure for much too long. That being said, I feel certain that whether an appeal is granted or not (I’m betting on the NOT), the lovely Hannah will stay where she is, rotting her evil self away behind bars. May she and her evil croanies learn one day that muder, even under the guise of Christianity, is still fucking murder. And you’re right Trench, everyone SHOULD write. Let it be known that the voice of the people is deafening when compared to the whispers of the demented. RIP Sweet Andrew. We will give you your voice back and squash the voices of those who are trying to take it away

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    I’m not so confident in that anymore since Casey Anthony got off. Elisa Baker didn’t get as much time as she deserved, and a trio of convicted child killers were released in Arkansas. 

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Overton did get off. 

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    This was my thought, I wouldn’t be at all suprised if she walked or got a reduced sentence. After all, all she did was murdera  child. We all know how worthless their little lives are to the justice system. I did write a letter in support of DENYING her appeal. 

  • Clevo

    What’s next? They review Charlie Manson’s case?

  • Mare

    Curiousity got me, and I had to read “the other side of the story”. Over and over, it is Andrew who is blamed for his own death – he had this, he had that, he was autistic, he had pica, he flung shit… Who gives a 4 year old creole seasoning to stop them from eating? Eating is a natural thing for growing children to do.  This was a child, an innocent child.  I cannot imagine doing this stuff to my children – and I have a “special needs” child, who, although she is annoying, can eat all the cheese she wants. I would NEVER give a child anything by mouth that is calculated to hurt and punish! Who does that? That is crazy! Food is life-giving! Just ask Jesus, fer chrissakes! Those “Christians” in Texas are freaking’ crazy! Sorry for repeating myself, but I cannot get over how they keep trying to blame a CHILD.  You don’t give timeouts or punishment for food seeking! These people are OBSESSED with punishment!
    My skin is crawling, just crawling at how deranged these people are, with their barbaric child-rearing practices. Where’s the love? Or are you only supposed to love “good” children? What do you think Jesus would say about that?

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    “What do you think Jesus would say about that?”

    That this bitch needs to have a millstone hung around her neck and be tossed in the sea.  Coincidentally, that’s the same thing I say.

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    I would guess that the MORE rational a letter is, the LESS likely it is to influence Governor Perry.  But I sent one anyway.

  • Angel

     And again with the computer cleaning….

  • BadKitty

    I had to out of curiosity go visit that idiotic Free Hannah website. WOW these people are fucking morons and wackos! They need to take the money that they are raising for her defense and use it to help the community and feed hungry kids. Wait I take that back they may poison the kids with Mrs. Dash seasoning.
    Like Trench said I also am not that confident anymore since the Casey Whore Anthony verdict.
    So to the Texas Criminal Appeals Court keep this no good baby killing bitch behind bars forever. In then end when her ass dies it will be God who give her the punishment she so richly deserves!!

    I am so sorry Andrew and for every child that was tortured, abused, raped and murdered.

  • AngieB1977

    Here is a link for a different perspective.  

  • Marsha

    The author of that blog says that Overton doesn’t have the traits associated with mothers who abuse children.  “She is not full of anger, hate, rage, or unsteady in her emotional state.”  What does everyone think of that statement?  It seems to me that she is excluding a certain type of abuser, the rigid, ‘it must be done the right way, my way’ type of individual.   With compliant children, they are fine, but when they adopt a child who doesn’t easily fall into the family pattern, they are resentful.  They feel that the child is making them look like a bad mother.   They have been praised for their mothering skills in the past and now they are giving this new child a home and not only is he not grateful, he’s actually demanding.  They are GOING TO GET CONTROL. Some of the warning signs that I look for were present -(1)  issues over food.  Hannah is in jail and a positive article was published in Texas Monthly and what does Dad have to say to the reporter – he points out that they are having soup for dinner, it’s cheap and the children are satisfied with it (subtext:  not like Andrew).  Hannah never seemed to consider that Andrew might be having a growth spurt. ( Whenever my daughter was having one, she ate like a longshoreman.)  Andrew couldn’t have been eating too much if he wasn’t getting fat – and he wasn’t.  (2)  Blaming the child – remember Hannah telling people that Andrew was vomiting or defecating to get to her.   (3) Child ‘hoarding’ – the family was having financial issues (their five children were on state funded medical insurance for example) but after members of the congregation expressed the idea that they would be perfect parents for Andrew, they were flattered and all for it.Sure, a lot of the parents we see here are full of rage, hate, and are unstable.   But it just seems to me that there’s another type, the type who is determined to control a child at all costs to show her ‘mothering skills.’  Hannah seems to me to fit that type and so does Carri Williams.  http://trenchreynolds.com/2011/10/06/rescued-from-ethiopia-only-to-die/

  • Lucas

    You guys dont really know the story at all. And you know why? The problem for that it is not Hannah, its yours! She is secure and have her hope in Jesus Christ, and in His RIGHT JUDGMENT! Dont judge others! That´s biblical! To support a cause is now wrong, but to put a comment like that, a post like that, depreciating someone you dont know, surely its bad in God´s sight!

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    How bout I don’t give a flying fuck about your god, your bible, or what’s bad in your invisible sky daddy’s sight? Hannah’s a disgusting murdering bitch and she is where she belongs.

  • Suzee

    No one here needs to read your babbling about your god and your bible and how secure Hannah is in her hope in Jesus. It doesn’t matter. She murdered that little boy. After everything I have read in the court documents with this case you will never be able to change my mind. I’ll judge her all I want. I don’t care that you think it’s wrong or that your deity thinks it’s wrong.

  • Depraved_Nymph

    Okay, I want to say something to those who “claim” to be god-fearing, Christian individuals……..
    I believe in God and what he is capable of. Having said that, I would like to say that the God that I believe in DOES NOT condone murder. Hence, the commandment that states “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”. I do not, for one minute, think that MY God would agree to someone causing harm to a defenseless child. God also created us with the ability to make choices and form our own opinions and if someone CHOOSES to judge another than that is their right. Granted, only God’s judgement matters in the end but that doesn’t stop us from having our own thoughts and opinions.

    I also think that all of you radical, bible thumping, wannabe Christians should pick up a Bible sometime and read it. I mean REALLY read it. You can’t pick and choose which parts of it you want to follow. It’s all or nothing. Either you follow God’s word or you don’t. And if you think that the trash in this story deserves to be forgiven and her crimes against this child forgotten than you are NOT taking the whole Bible into account and you are giving TRUE Christians a very bad image.  Hannah Overton can feel as secure as she wants in “her” God but I believe that “my” God will see justice served eventually (even if the courts chicken out).

    PS-I wrote this comment as nicely as I could out of respect for the topic but I can and will get real ungodly very quickly (when it comes to abuse against children) so please do not try me.

  • http://trenchreynolds.com Trench Reynolds

    You know what else is bad in God’s sight? The abuse and murder of a child. I seem to remember this whole ‘Thou shalt not kill’ thing. 

  • Marsha

    If  you think that my reading court documents and concluding that the jury got it right is not Biblical, well then how about YOU don’t judge ME.  I’ll let God judge as to whether I can have an opinion about whether a crime was committed.  Like Hannah, I am secure in MY hope in Jesus Christ.

  • Clevo

    If God didn’t want us to judge then their would not have been commandments and judges & law in the bible.  The verses you refer to indicate that we are not to judge someone’s heart or their faith. HOWEVER when someone has committed murder, especially of a child then they have broken a commandment and the law and we certainly can judge their actions. You say don’t judge but you really mean don’t judge you and your little evangelical family and beliefs. Jesus said I come not to do away with the law but to fulfill it (paraphrase). So the the admonitions in the law still apply, like an eye for an eye, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live and another fun one from deuteronomy: If your son is disobedient take him out in the street and stone him. All of these were judgements and Moses must have been having a really bad day, month, whatever. The point is that we are given law by which to judge the evil that people do. AND, given the right to express MY opinion (freedom of speech) ,I think we should send the murdering wench to God ASAP and let him sort it out.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    “I think we should send the murdering wench to god asap and let him sort it out”

    Lmao, I can give that an AMEN.

  • Angel

     “depreciating someone you dont know, surely its bad in God´s sight!”

    And murder is what? OK? God will over look murder, but condemn those who are outraged by the acts of this woman? I don’t think so….go away. You are boring me with your ignorant comments.

  • Angel

     That was VERY well said! And, sadly, you are right – many professed Christians have never even bothered to pick up a Bible outside of church on Sunday, and have absolutely no idea what God’s word says.  If you wanna see some really harsh punishments, read the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Those are two of the books in which God outlined His system of Mosaic law in the Old Testament. Nobody here has ANYTHING on God when it comes to punishment for wrongdoing – He, quite literally, wrote the book….and you need to keep in mind as you read the crimes and punishments in those books, that they were designed for His chosen people – the ones He loved above all others.  If they were held to such a high standard, I cannot fathom why modern day Christians get a little upset about the comments we post here.  We are TAME by comparison.

    And Lucas – I think it’s great that your murderer…oops, friend….has Jesus in her life. She needs Him. And if she is right with Him when she dies, she may still get to heaven – which is why it is even more important that she be held accountable here – before she goes on to her eternal Judgement.   God is a great believer in accountability, confession and repentance.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, just go read that Bible of yours – it will back me up completely. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YUK3UU7UVN2UUOYUMWY4PE6AA4 Debbie

    Uh yeah they are. A lawyer is saying that Manson should have served maybe 19 years and he is trying to get him out of prison.

  • Scretch

    Thank you Trench for including the address, you have made it so easy for us as i was going to look up Perry’s mailing addy.  Just seeing this bitch’s pic stirs up anger in me b/c i remember this one v well.

    Whatever you do, don’t let me be in a room alone with this THING. I don’t have words for my loathing for hannah &  i’m not violent but i could seriously lose my cool with this one.


  • Clevo

    Seriously? Say it isn’t so. That crazy evil murdering abomination should have been fried. That he still lives is an outrage to all civilized people.

  • inthenameofjustice

    Hannah Overton absolutely deserves another trial. Guilty or not. We can’t make the rules as we go along. There was precious evidence left out on purpose by they prosecution that would’ve helped Overton. I hate that this kid died. The accused needs to have a fair trial, or there will be another tragedy. Because of the stigma involved with child abuse, every person that is accused is automatically guilty. This isn’t always the case. I’m not saying that Overton is innocent or not, but Texas has a history of just wanting to convict people. Our justice system is set up perfectly. There are rules laid out that will protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Long ago it started to be manipulated and results are now forced. Not everyone can afford the Cochran law firm to represent them. DAs are nothing but politicians. They have a duty to protect the innocent as well convict the guilty. That has multiple meanings.  We have to follow our system or innocent people could be falsely convicted. That is the greatest crime of all. Anyone of us here could be in this position. In the name of justice  for Andrew Burd, Hannah Overton deserves another trial

  • The_Shadow_Knows

    “Hannah Overton absolutely deserves another trial. Guilty or not.”

    Well no, if she’s guilty all she deserves is a lingering death.  But not too lingering.

    “We can’t make the rules as we go along. There was precious evidence left out on purpose by the prosecution that would’ve helped Overton.”

    I assume it’s buried in a sealed barrel at Area 51, right next to the flying saucer.

    “I hate that this kid died.”

    Yes, your sympathy is quite touching as you make mealy-mouthed excuses for his killer.

    “The accused needs to have a fair trial, or there will be another tragedy. Because of the stigma involved with child abuse, every person that is accused is automatically guilty.”

    Third verse, same as the first.

    “I’m not saying that Overton is innocent or not…”

    Oh my splitting sides.  I believe you may be what is technically known as a “real card”.

    “Texas has a history of just wanting to convict people.”

    Yeah, yeah.  But Overton is white and a Bible beater, so I don’t believe for a moment there was any prejudice against her.  That’s the type they like down in Texas, right?

    “Our justice system is set up perfectly. There are rules laid out that will protect the innocent and punish the guilty.”

    I agree.  That’s what happened when this unholy hag was found guilty.

    “Long ago it started to be manipulated and results are now forced. Not everyone can afford the Cochran law firm to represent them.”

    Are you saying Overton is every bit as innocent as O.J. Simpson?  I agree.

    “DAs are nothing but politicians.”

    OMFG stop the presses!  It’s a hot news flash!

    “They have a duty to protect the innocent as well convict the guilty.”

    For example, by taking this murdering bitch off the street.

    “That has multiple meanings.”

    Or in the hands of Overton’s defenders, no meaning.  Protecting their fellow cultist is their whole agenda.

    “We have to follow our system or innocent people could be falsely convicted. That is the greatest crime of all. Anyone of us here could be in this position.”

    Well, those of us who are religion-addled child poisoners.  Show of hands?

    “In the name of justice  for Andrew Burd, Hannah Overton deserves another trial.”

    What she deserves is to rot in a dank dungeon for a while, and then be the guest of honor at “Bring Your Shank to Jail Day”.  But take heart.  Texas has a moron for a governor, so this assassinating harpy may well get another trial, or even a pardon.  I trust you’ll have the decency to shed a few more of your crocodile tears for Andrew Burd after his vicious killer is released.

  • Mdcogdell

    I think s.he deserves a fair trial. I heard evidence and I think she is innocent

  • creepyTexan

    Thank you for the address I will write in SUPPORT of her. Hannah is innocent. She loves kids that is why she wanted 6 of them. That is why despite having 4 kids she was willing to foster and adopt a neglected boy despite being warned he had issues. I am convinced he died accidentally. As a Mom I find this horrifying. I am saddened by the witch burner mentality of many posters. Truly we have not learned from the past. Human nature of the masses is still evil. The witch burners here are the voices of the smiling white people who hung black people in the south years ago. Gleeful, sick.

  • creepyTexan

    just imagine if she is innocent and she experienced her kid die and you said “Just seeing this bitch’s pic”. What does that make you?

    I write to support her. As a Mom this is painful and so sad. I could have been her. Out of my love I could have fostered and if my foster kid died accidentally I could have some stranger like you convict me on this page just like that. Sick, that is sick incarnate.

    Witch burner. Burner of an innocent person.

  • Pam Travis

    You’re an epic mindfuck bitch. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just a bunch of bullshit gossip by losers who don’t know her personally.

  • Pam

    You idiot mindfuck. Did you know that Andrew’s biological mother was a crack head piece of shit. He never went to a pediatrician until he was taken away from his fucked up piece of shit white trash biological family. Do you personally know her and h er family or are you just going by bullshit comments by all these people who have not a clue about the truth. bring it bitches!!!! I can’t wait to banter with you idiots!

  • Pam

    fuck off dipshit

  • Pam

    you are not even credible just going by your chicken shit code name Get a life

  • Ash

    Are you for serious?
    I can’t speak for everyone who reads the stories on this site, but I can speak for myself when I say that when I call her a stupid cunt who’s not deserving of any love or support after what she’s done (not from the imaginary friend you call god, not from family, and most certainly not from the anonymous mass I like to call the interwebs), it’s not based on any comments or opinions posted here, but from the NEWS links that are pasted next to each story that originally posted on it.

    If you get so butthurt over what the interwebs say, maybe you should acquire a chaperon for future visits?

    Also, for the love of imaginary friends everywhere, please learn how to use some form of punctuation other than the ! or the double !! (I know you really want to show your enthusiasm, but if you plan on “bantering” with us “idiots”, I don’t want to have to proof read your posts before responding).

  • Ash

    Lol, and when she’s found guilty again, what kind of mother will that make you? when it’s shown once again that she acted like a depraved savage when she decided she would take the precious life of a child left in her care? And you stood around and supported her. Good on ya! Be proud!

    And on another note, you’re getting upset that a bunch of people on the web are sharing their opinion on her? Do you also break up coffee circles, and water cooler discussions when her name comes up in an unfavorable light? Get over it. People comment on current events all the time. If you don’t want anyone to, don’t do something that grabs national (or international) headlines. Keep your head down, nose clean, and small thought, don’t kill your kids. People wont talk about you.

  • creepyTexan

    I have right to my opinion too. As a Mom I have to say that I thoroughly read abut this woman and even wrote a letter in support of her. For you to stand outside of her life and condemn her, I just hope you never have to face that in your life. As a society we have become easy to strike out and be a troll, a faceless angry hater who is scared inside. That is your right-live it if you wish. It is easier than considering and taking the time to understand and feel compassion.

  • creepyTexan

    I had post partum depression and if things had gone worse maybe I could have killed my kid. This experience gave me compassion and understanding of a level you would not have. Live a little and save condemnation for those things in your own life you hate. I will not argue with you anymore-I wrote that comment a year ago. The internet makes for odd conversations-you may be 12 years old and I don;t discuss adult matters with children. That is not a slam or insult, just a fact.

  • creepyTexan

    Hi Folks, I am sad that in the past year the Internet has become even more full of trolls as the comments below reflect. For you this is just a news story and something fun for you to make hate over. Have you heard the term “misery loves company”? To me what it really means the essence is that misery likes to drag others down with it. So you posting bad things about this Mom who if she is innocent is having a horrible time in her life. It makes you feel better because you know you are making others angry and causing pain and you can get out of it emotionally by feeling you somehow “know she is wrong” or it is “just a news story why get upset?” or other rationalizations. But to truly know how to “stand in another’s shoes” takes a bravery and a vulnerability of maturity and you are not there yet. I dare you to think about this for a moment – at any time you could make a small mistake or a big one or have a tragedy misunderstood and some insecure person can condemn you in public. So not only do you have the actual mistake or tragedy you deal with you have the voices of condemnation. A chorus of Salem witch burners. Tell me the difference please between the witch burners and you? How could you know she did this? Are you psychic? Have a divine connection to the Lord or devil? You don’t know and you have to assume she is innocent. That is how the courts work. I do not envy the percent of your generation of cowards who write faceless from a keyboard to spread hate and sadness. Your a pitiful group. A woman who took on the care of this child and gave him love is just not the type to do this. I may be wrong but justice and fairness in dealing with others is never wrong.

  • Ash

    If I’m scared inside, it’s at the world is coming to. And a child was killed, why wouldn’t there be anger? You can side step as much as you want around the issue, but telling me to be compassionate when a child is dead…

    Really? An opinion is not condemnation, especially in this day and age (I mean, as you said you have a right to YOUR opinion and you feel the need to voice it even though no one here has asked you for it, so in the same vein you’re condemning us for not having the same opinion as you). I have lived and experienced plenty, maybe not the same things you have, but I’ve felt pain. I’ve felt anger. I’ve felt regret. I’ve lost… I’ve taken responsibility for all the things that have happened in my life, good and the bad. I’ve grown or stumbled because of them, but I’ve always acknowledged they happened and tried to react to them accordingly. And that’s how I choose to live my life ;)

    Does she google herself frequently? Will she cry when she finds out I think she’s trash? Are my words swaying entire congregations or nations against her? I am neither sentencing her to a lifelong judgement (she kind of did that herself with the evidence in the news releases, not my opinion putting the icing on that cake), nor am showing any bias for my choice of venue, for voicing said opinion or without cause. I’m very curious which definition of Condemn you are currently using (while I’m not 12 unfortunately those days have come and gone, I do like to think of myself as a decently educated individual, and a wordy mother fucker when I get down to it, so if you’d like to share with me your version of the word “condemn” so I could add it to my vocabulary, that’d be great).

    Did you honestly come here and expect any kind of change? If I’m a troll for posting my opinions on a blog designed for people who share the same opinion as me, what does that make you: someone who comes in with an outside opinion who’s creating arguments for the sake of… what again (referring back to how you answered my question on change)?

    Regardless of the validity of my opinion, my words, or my choice to post it here, I think your ideas of posting here are kind of silly, especially since you don’t see the hypocrisy in your own words (but isn’t that always how it goes?).

    You’re right, Society is changing, but not in the way I would hope it would. Too many times people blindly follow causes, or fail to act for one reason or another (take all the recent cases of bystander effect having an impact on accidents, traumatic experiences, or violent incidents that have been making the news rounds).

    Compassion is important, but not above being being a well rounded, educated individual. I would much rather make a conscious choice to have a negative opinion of someone, rather than just blindly follow a shepherd with the rest of the flock. But, that is your right– live it if you wish. It is easier than taking the time to stop and think for yourself, or actually understand the world around you.

  • creepyTexan

    You said “. I would much rather make a conscious choice to have a negative opinion of someone, rather than just blindly follow a shepherd with the rest of the flock” now who is following the pack? You gleefully gang up with your anti-breeder buds to condemn this woman before the trial. you are not who you think you are. I am able to brave the cowardly pack and take a stand even if 1000 disagree with me. Best of luck

  • Angel

    You responded to a comment from two years ago – for what? – just to tell me I’m incredible? Thank you!!!! You are so sweet! Oh and…. *AHEM* Bite me. I don’t have a code name, Angel is my actual name. I have a life, and a very nice one, I might add. Who peed in your Wheaties this morning?

  • Ash

    In all honesty, I haven’t posted or “gleefully ganged up” with anyone from here. I just was reading the comments, noticced the hypocrisy in your posts and decided to defend myself and my opinion and my right to share it here should I feel like it. Obviously I wouldn’t visit this site, if I didn’t agree with the types of opinions they have on child abusers, rapists and murderers. This is a BLOG that talks about examples of bad parenting that are in the media. Telling me I’m following a flock by reading and commenting on stories is just silly. Clearly you missed the metaphor in my post… I’m not blindly following anyone. Making a “CONSCIOUS” choice means you’re informed of all angles. Do I really have to explain semantics or word deffinitions to you? Maybe I should use simpler terms which might be easier to understand?

    I noticed you didn’t address ANYTHING else from my previous posts, other than something you thought you could spin to suit your agenda. Kind of typical. Yet, me not seeing someone as a saint is what’s wrong with the world lol.

  • Nathan Lovell

    Screw you.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Maybe she just liked hoarding children. Like an animal hoarder.

  • Buffettgirl

    Hey Pam – Fuck Off! How’s that for credible?

  • Buffettgirl

    Hey, douche-canoe, what the FUCK is your issue? If you can’t do more than attack what the fuck good are you? Make some fucking sense or go the FUCK AWAY! Now YOU bring it BITCH!

  • Buffettgirl

    Oh FFS! Scared inside of what? Your level of compassion that no one else (because all of our lives have been such gravy, uh huh, right) can POSSIBLY comprehend has certainly cost you IQ points. And don’t worry about me being 12, I’ll be 44 in September, so if you have something pertinent to say, go ahead and say it. But before you do, you might want to take into consideration that a lot of us on here had really crappy childhoods at the hand of the adults in our lives. We speak from the perspective of the victim. NOT THE PERPETRATOR!

  • Buffettgirl

    It’s a valid question cunt – you fuck off!