More evidence of Justin Adams’ ‘genius’

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Investigators: Blanchard Mom’s Phone Records Link Husband To Her Murder:

Previously I’ve posted about how Justin Adams failed crime 101 in the brutal stabbing murder of his wife Jaymie Adams. I’ve also previously posted about how Justin’s mommy has stuck her nose into proceedings as well. This story has both.

First the further adventures of our criminal genius. Again if you ever watched even the worst crime dramas on TV one of the first things they check on murder victims and suspects is their cell phone records. In the case of Justin Adams police say that Justin Adams cell phone pinged off the same Oklahoma City cell tower his wife’s phone pinged off of before she disappeared while Adams claimed he was home almost 30 miles away in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

Police also say that Adams had an intimate relationship with another woman. Justin’s mommy, Tina Clarke, claims that Adams and his new squeeze met two weeks after Jaymie Adams disappeared. I don’t know about any of you but if my wife disappeared under mysterious and possibly violent circumstances I wouldn’t be looking to knock boots with the next piece of tail that came along.

So for those of you keeping score we have the life insurance policy on Jaymie Adams, the cell phone tower and another woman.

Speaking of Tina Clarke she is allegedly telling police that she knows that Justin was home at his house between 11:30pm and 2:30am playing on Facebook then went to her house between 2 and 3am to borrow the car. Except that Clarke’s boyfriend was at her house at the time and said he has no recollection of Adams showing up.

If Justin’s mommy isn’t careful she may find herself in her own cell on obstruction or perjury charges.

I’m sure the police are just misunderstanding her boy and has nothing to do with him being a possessive, abusive,. violent and philandering scumbag.

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