DC Comics The New 52: Week 23

Outside of Green Lantern Corps it was another ‘meh’ week. However there is one title I want to talk about that was less than ‘meh’ and of course it’s Red Hood and the Outlaws.

As I’ve said before I’ve been a fan of the Jason Todd character since the Death in the Family days. My favorite DC Animated movie is Batman: Under the Red Hood. Red Hood should be the bent cracked mirror version of Batman, crossing the line that Batman never dared to cross. Instead DC has him chasing ghosts and demons like he’s a hooded Freddy Jones and Starfire and Arsenal are his Scooby and Shaggy.

This month’s issue dealt with how Jason met Starfire. The issue should have been called Starfire Damage Control because it felt like they were trying to retool her image from the disastrous first issue. So instead of being a self-entitled space slut they now have her as a cross between a self-help guru and Memento. Sorry DC but you can’t un-ring the bell.

The only thing that could possibly save Red Hood and the Outlaws is another reboot.