No new trial for Hannah Overton

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Judge rejects claims in salt-poisoning case:

Earlier this week a Texas judge rejected the claims that Hannah Overton should get a new trial. Score one for the good guys for once.

For those of you new to the site Overton was convicted and sentenced to life in the murder of her 4-year-old foster child Andrew Burd who died from sodium poisoning. A ‘Free Hannah’ movement has formed from the media coverage and the fact that she attends a fundamental Christian church.

In his ruling the judge said that there was no prosecutorial misconduct and that all evidence that was supposedly knew was known by both parties at the time of the trial including the testimony of a salt poisoning expert who said that Andrew had eaten the salt himself. The defense at the time chose not to have the expert testify.

Of course Overton’s current attorney says that they are going to file more appeals. Unfortunately no one can file any appeals for Andrew Burd.

  • Crystal

    As an Austinite, I rarely post, but went out on a limb months ago, on this one and voiced my hopes and confidence that she (hopefully) would not receive a new trial. I am ECSTATIC that I can say, my state has done me proud. There is no room in our country for ANY child abuse, much less one of a victimized child that was regurgitated to the system to the final tune of a babys death. May that sorry, disgust of a “human” being and “mother” lay her final breath with someone who despises her completely and will aid in nothing but her suffering and torture.

  • Crystal

    And to all you Douche Bags who want to bring it? Bring it!!!

  • Your_Pal_Nancy


  • Debbie

    At least A judge with some common sense. But here we go again with all the delusional defenders. So I guess we pull up our big girl panties, put on our hooker shoes and dance in the rain. Bring it….. we’re ready.  Uh- who’ll bring the popcorn?

  • jj

    I’m out of popcorn, but I’ve got the vodka!

  • kimbev69

    She isnt crying for andrew is she

  • Trench Reynolds

    Nope, I believe that picture was taken when she was sentenced. 

  • Monique Boulanger

    *applause*  I have the umm..  whips.  We use whips right?

  • Sirkissa

    Lol sure, bring a cat o’ nine tails, that’ll be fun.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Cover it in salt. That’ll sting even more. 

  • Marsha

    I think the jury got it right in this case and I am much relieved that she is not getting a new trial.

  • Debbie

    I am glad as well. And hopefully Andrew will have the justice and peace he deserves since he has been denied his life. I am waiting for her defenders to start up again on how she loved her children and was such a good mommy..*barf*…. But then we may not hear anything because they were WRONG!!!! But I think we are ready for a TTB aka troll tard bash. So we got popcorn, vodka, whips and salt and what ever anyone else brings….. all we need now are the trolls. :-)

  • Beelori

    Thank God!  I lived in Corpus Christi when this POS killed that poor baby and I absolutely HATED all those damn “Free Hannah” bumper stickers!  I wanted to rip them off and slap the owner of the cars theywere on!

  • kimbev69

    Im glad her appeal was denied nasty bitch

  • Angel

     Since we already have a wide variety of conventional weapons being supplied by others, I’ll just bring myself and my usual wardrobe.  I can beat the trolls to death with my halo…or maybe my wings….

  • curious

    Trolls?  You ARE trolls.  Did any of you read the judges’s written ruling?  Did any of you sit through the most recent hearing?  Did any of you even read the longish recent article in Texas Monthly about this case?  Dude who is supposedly the world’s expert on salt poisoning says it didn’t happen the way the prosecution says it did.  Please enlighten me, rather than just say she is a witch.

  • Marsha

     I’ve read the 95 page denial of the appeal before this one, the Texas monthly article, the free Hannah website (forgot what it’s called), and various news stories and I am convinced she is guilty.  I think she lied about the pica and that Andrew was simply having a growth spurt and was HUNGRY.  If he was eating too much, why wasn’t he fat?   I’ve raised a child, a daughter, and there were periods in which she would be having a growth spurt and eat like a longshoreman.  What happened to the healthy well behaved boy the previous foster mother, a woman from Hannah’s own church, described at trial?  Why would he change so abruptly in Hannah’s home?   I notice the obsession with food exhibited by her husband in the Texas Monthly article and I have also noticed a growing trend of starving children as punishment (now being studied).  

    Why didn’t Hannah get this child signed up for a health care program and get him some help?  She had the forms and even if she had put off sending them in, she knew her church would have helped her with his medical bills.   How did he get potentially fatal head trauma in addition to the salt poisoning?   It is obvious to me that something was very very wrong in that household. 

  • Trench Reynolds

    Oh, you mean the expert whose testimony was so compelling he wasn’t even called to testify? And no salt expert can explain away the blunt force trauma.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    I’ve read everything to read about this case and feel as though she is guilty. I wrote letters in support of DENYING her appeal. The “expert” of which you speak was not even called as a witness. As for being a witch, witches are made of wood so if you weigh less than a duck, you’re not a witch. Everyone knows that.

  • LK

    The jurors didn’t find Hannah guilty of actually poisoning Andrew, but of “murder by omission,” because she didn’t call 911 when he got sick.  I don’t know why people are still talking about this as though Hannah was convicted of deliberately harming Andrew.  She wasn’t.  The jury who listened to the case didn’t believe that.  She was found guilty of not calling 911.

  • Kat

    I seem to be the resident ” I don’t get it” person here. I raised my own son, helped with 2 stepsons, all their friends,etc.  NEVER did it occur to me to feed any of them some crappy assed spice. The amount of sodium you need to ingest to die from!!! is enormous. What happened to “you’re hungry? here’s some starwberries.(banannas, apples, whatever, etc.)”. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  • Trench Reynolds

    How about because she abused him unmercifully? Let us not forget the blunt force trauma found on Andrew not to mention the inhumane sleeping conditions he was forced to endure. 

  • CMD

     Thankfully we live in a country where we are allowed to voice our thoughts & opinion’s. On the surface this site is great; I think that what you are doing is wonderful.
    But in the case of Hannah Overton I think that you folks are delusional.  And you will think I am a troll.
     I am all for child abusers and people who actually murder their children to get what they deserve.  This woman’s only crime was not being wise enough to know that that little boy was actually dying.  How many mothers here can honestly say that with those symptoms, you would think your child was dying?  She did the right thing by taking him to the clinic, you don’t need to call 911 and take an ambulance ride for the flu, which is what she thought it might be. Salt poisoning is so rare, most don’t know the symptoms. 
     There were no actual signs of abuse.  He had a bruise on his arm or leg.  How many 4 year olds don’t? Not too many. His doctor, the one you say gave him his exam in May 2006, said that he had concerns about Andrew. The medical professionals all agree that he had some form of Pica or eating disorder. Even the doctors that had to testify for the prosecution don’t feel that she is guilty of murder.
     Some of those jurors were a joke.  They had no clue what they were doing.  They were so young & had no life experience. They looked like a deer caught in the headlights when they were asked any questions. 
     I do not think that those of who claim to have read the court documents and still think she is guilty actually read them. If you did, then you just are not intelligent enough to understand all the big words.  For those of you who said if he had an eating disorder why wasn’t he fat?  HELLO, did you see the photos?  He was a chubby child, not fat, but not thins either.
    As for the previous foster mother who said he did not horde food, he didn’t need to…. there were no other children in her house that he felt he had to fight or horde food. 
     Why not put all of this energy into outrage over a real crime?  Like Casey Anthony.  We all know she is guilty.  Or Andrea Yates?  She should have been given the death penalty, not declared insane.  She testified that she knew what she was doing.   Not everyone arrested or accused is guilty.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    As long as her murdering ass is in jail I don’t care what she was actually convicted of.

  • Marsha

     I don’t think you are a troll.  I think you have been reading articles and websites produced by the Overton propaganda machine.

    I don’t care why the jury convicted her, I do care that they did so because I firmly believe that she is guilty.   There were indeed signs of abuse, most noticeably blunt force trauma to his head.

    No, the doctors do not all agree he had some form of pica.  Yes I did read the court documents and I do understand the big words.   I have a Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr College; they don’t give those away.   It is obvious to me why Andrew had to horde food, there wasn’t enough of it available.   Read the Texas Monthly article where the author is favorable to both Overtons and see just how obsessed Larry Overton is with how much food the children are eating for dinner!   If they couldn’t afford to feed those kids they had no business adopting another.

    Do some wider reading and you will see a huge rise in starvation abuse cases to the point where at least one state has initiated a study to find out what is going on and how they can better detect these cases before it is too late.  A subset of these cases are fundamentalist Christian adoptive parents.  Of course that doesn’t make Hannah guilty, the facts of the case do, but it does mean that I do not approach this case thinking that she cannot possibly be guilty since she’s a devout Christian.

    Oh and I do not think Andrea Yates deserved the death penalty.  The evidence is clear that she was psychotic and had been for a long time without adequate treatment and support.  I blame her idiot husband for forcing more children on her and making her home school them and encouraging the connection with a lunatic pastor whose central theme is that poor mothering causes children to go to hell.  Again, I look at the evidence.

  • Skye Brand

    Again I am amused. I disagree with you, therefore I must not be intelligent enough to understand the big words contained in the court documents! You state that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if it’s different to yours then they’re stupid…oh dear!

    Well, I disagree with you (I think she’s guilty) but as there’s only a 22% chance you are actually more intelligent than me I have jumped to the conclusion that you must be wrong!

  • Mindomw

    Hannah Overton is an evil b****. Anyone who believes her version of events is a retard.

  • carl

    I believe that the medical expert on salt poisoning is the best person to make a decision of fault or not.  I believe Andrew consumed the salt himself in the pantry.  Mothers cannot watch every move a kid makes 24/7.  It is a travesty what the law has done to this family.  That woman should be freed.  The truth is the truth.  It doesn’t matter that the defense screwed up or the prosecution misheld things.  Now knowing what they know the truth should be able to set her free.  No the judge says you had you’re shot and you blew it.  That is just wrong to me.   You are playing with people’s lives here.  It is horrible what happened to that little boy, but it was not her fault.  She has 5 healthy kids and all her kids fully support her.  I mean come on.

  • Trench Reynolds

    Did Andrew give himself blunt force trauma too?

  • Jasonjohnson

    Wow, people from Texas really are r-dnecks, did anyone who commented on this know what salt poisoning is or the symptoms are  before this terrible tragedy happened.  Lets not talk about the fact that the lead prosecutor is obviously incompetent, and here is the biggest one folks CAPITAL MURDER, maybe she is guilty of not having the knowledge to realize that her son was dying and she should have acted quicker, but CAPITAL MURDER  —  LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.  The Justice system failed this family because the jurors on the case were as clueless as the prosecutor

  • Serenity0528

    People can have there opinions but I am a mother and my heart breaks for her and her family. Capital murder, life in prison! Even if calling 911 cld have possibly saved him I don’t see anything proving she was guilty of murder. I honestly can’t say that I would have handled that situation differently. This justice system is obsurd. :'(

  • find gabbie swanison

    i dont think this lady killed this little boy if she did why would she tell the what she gave him then the jury said they didnt believe she intended for him to die but believe getting him to the hospital would have saved him they wanted another choice but didnt have one. lady justice is crying. iam a mother and i know sometimes kids get into things the fist thing i thought when they said he wouls eat cat food and from the trash was that he had pika. if she did it yes she should be locked up but i dont think she did this.

  • Anonymous

    There will always be a segment of the public eager to believe that every child’s injury must be the fault of someone’s negligence or malice.  It would be poetic justice if they find themselves in a situation where someone in their care comes to harm while they are sleeping or distracted, and find themselves being accused of child abuse or murder.  Just consider, your child of up to 18 yrs could get up when you are sleeping, get into something that causes them harm which you don’t immediately recognize as life-threatening, but end up having to spend your life in prison because of the child’s action and your lack of medical expertise.

    One of a parent’s worst fears is that their child has an injury, which is bad enough, but also to face the viciousness of those who are eager to lay the blame on them.  The mindset is equivalent to the witch hunting zeal in medieval europe.   American society is especially plagued with sick serial killers and sick witch hunters alike.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    Who let the stupid out?

  • Blynch8198

    Experts testified this is a classic accidental death.

    the rest is just bullshit from a bunch of dumb rednecks

  • Trench Reynolds

    It seems that Salty Dog’s story was on 20/20 tonight. That would explain the influx of pearl twisters who believe everything they see on TV. 

  • Anonymous

    I am convinced that most if not all of those eager to damn this woman would hypocritically take the opposite stance if it were their own beloved spouse or daughter.  Perhaps then they would consider the possibility that the child came to harm in ways that were self-inflicated (in the case of the salt) or accidental (in the case of a bruise, something common for children at play).  But since it is a stranger, it has to be homicidally negligent child abuse.  For all the advanced technology, human nature is no less barbaric now than at any time in recorded history.  With  fiendish zealots such as this, it is easier to comprehend how the horrors committed by the nazis and communists could have occured no more than a few decades ago.  Eager to destroy lives, but in a way that doesn’t put themselves at risk.  One tragedy is not enough, they use it as pretext to destroy some lives, disrupt many others, and cause emotional distress to countless more who have compassion and love justice.

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    That makes sense then. I can’t even bother to read their posts anymore.

  • Trench Reynolds

    I like how they call everyone from Texas rednecks but the defense attorneys and Hannah’s church are also from/in Texas. 

  • ShowFacts

    I watched the 20/20 show tonight and have spent a few hours looking at previous blogs and other sites. I have been a juror on a capital murder trial for a 3 year old boy who was killed(blunt force to his head). I also have a son who was adopted through the foster system. I am VERY familiar with anxiety and disorders that Foster kids develop as a result of neglect and abuse. I am a Jesus follower (I’ve never been to Hanna’s church). Until tonight I had not followed or heard of Andrew’s death. After watching the show I was very moved.

    I post because you are the top link an you are passionate

  • ShowFacts

    A bit long winded…. Sorry for that. The reason I post is that this case is now one of perception. The media will take it anyway it wants to. If 20/20 says it, it’s truth. My request to you who have made this your passion- make a concise case for why Hannah supporters are wrong. Not with opinion and name calling. Important things that stick out to me would be that Hanna is a trained nurse, that Andrews previous family had him without these behavioral issues for 18 months(hanna only 6 months).

    Tell reader where real facts are that can be read. Its your most compelling argument.

  • Lisa Gutterman

    This story is disturbing.

  • Lisa Gutterman

    I have found children do not lie. Her biological son obviously told the truth when he talked about the abuse with pepper and the camera in the room to watch Andrew.  Another question, “Why on earth would you not throw the dirty sheets in the garbage outside (who on earth would put sheets with feces on them in the trash inside?)…or why would you not wash them.” His sleeping conditions were not humane.
    Blunt trauma?  This is serious…why didn’t 20/20 talk about this?
    Also, who on earth lets their child eat a dozen or more eggs? An entire jar of pickles?  Where’s the parenting here?  The story of adding the salty/spice to the water….what? Insane. It seems a good parent would certainly not want their child to have a high salt intake and would not even give it as an option especially with soup that is already loaded with salt. And if Andrew was allowed in the pantry to eat salt…where were his parents? Who was watching him?  Everyone knows you have to watch small children closely. Everyone also knows if your child is trying to constantly get into things, lock them so they can’t have access. They should have taken him to the hospital when he fell on the floor and had a ‘seizure.’  Perhaps they were afraid to take him because they were mistreating him?  Maybe she is guilty and her husband should be sitting in jail next to her? 

  • BradyBunch

    May little Andrew rest in peace and in the glory of the Lord. As for his killer, fry the bitch.

  • Beccar16

    I understand everyone can have their own opinion but just
    because someone “acts like a good person” does not mean they are…. All be
    damned if my child was vomiting violently and acting in the way she FIRST
    claimed….(it changed a few times…first he was running a fever then he was so
    cold he was shaking…who know what really happened) I would not wait around for
    a few hrs (and to think you are/were an RN!). 
    Oh and then the whole…”he eats everything” BS…well you received Andrew
    from other foster parents that attended your church but yet you didn’t know anything
    about this issue until weeks after you had him! 
    And if that is the case, why was it not picked up on the testing that
    was done…and why would you leave the cat food out and the pantry door not
    locked if he eats everything…oh and theres the claim that you must have passed
    out due to your meds…well then get a damn babysitter if your child is only 4
    yrs old and can’t be left alone!  I had
    to deal with this person until she was sent off to prison and yeah for those
    that know her from church, she might be nice there…you didn’t deal with her on
    the inside!

  • wilson the turtle

    Really, becca. Just because you appear to be a god-fearing good person in the public’s eye means jackshit if you act with a blacken heart behind closed doors.

  • Guest

    Hannah had the medical training, and experience with children to recognize the severity of Andrew’s symptoms, and to get help. That she did not is muder:

    “As a former private-duty nurse, Hannah felt equipped to handle the challenges of a foster child; she had spent several years caring for special-needs children, some of whom were profoundly disabled.”

    It is malicious punishment to burn Andrew’s bedding in the grill, where he would have seen it go up in flames, and probably was terrified. That incident would have gave the Overtons extraordinary control over Andrew “Larry and Hannah knew that Andrew loved Spider-Man, so they made sure to have all manner of Spider-Man-themed necessities for him: sheets, pajamas, a toothbrush, a towel, a swimsuit, and even a plate embossed with the superhero’s image.”

    The Overtons did not get medical help for Andrew including: Children’s Crisis when needed, diagnostic testing or psych eval, medical eval, counseling–nothing–because they thought they could heal Andrew with prayer. This has been a repeated pattern with the Overtons “Andrew would not stop scratching and eventually developed a staph infection on his arm. His tantrums grew longer and more extreme, and he often banged his head against the floor. Sometimes he cried inconsolably for hours.
    Overwhelmed, the Overtons sought guidance in prayer. Fellow church member Anita Miotti remembers their telling her and her husband, Rich, that they were struggling. “They said Andrew was going through a very difficult time,” she said. “They asked us, ‘Can you pray that we have discernment and wisdom in helping him through this?’ ” When Andrew became physically sick–vomiting, diaherrea, shaking, complaining of cold, etc the Overtons did not seek medical help repeatedly, this is neglect. Andrew died as a result.

    “The supervisor suggested that Andrew might have an eating disorder called pica, which is characterized by a desire to consume things that have no nutritional value, and she recommended that he be evaluated by a specialist if his behavior continued.”
    Andrew was never diagnosed with pica or any disorder which might explain these behaviors because the Overtones rejected advise to get him professional help:

  • Rhiannon_g

    Overton’s father, Rev. Bennie Saenz, is a convicted murderer, found
    guilty of brutally beating a 17 year old girl to death on Padre
    Island over 20 years ago . Rev. Bennie Saenz was the pastor of
    Calvary Chapel Church, which is the same church that has been
    backing Hannah . The church believed Benny Saenz back then and even
    after he was convicted they believed he was innocent. Hannah’s
    grandfather was Marshall Applewhite, who is the Heavens’ Gate Cult
    leader, born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Applewhite
    convinced about 30 people to commit suicide in California in 1997.
    They expected to be transported by the Comet Hale-Bopp to another
    world. I can’t help but think that this may be a trinity of murder

  • Mekmorales

    For all those out their have you ever had a sick child vomit and every time he / she vomits you don’t necessarily bring him to hospital you watch observe and maybe call dr and just tried to give fluids… They are experts and testimony never heard in first trial get your facts straight… And secondly I have a grandfather who was the largest drug smuggler with the Iran contra scandal, and my biological mother had a very tough lie because that was her father and you don’t see her stooping to his level not myself just because their prior family history means you are going to be a horrible parent. Also their are so many diseases and disorders out their that many medical physicians aren’t familiar with anything and everything… Give

  • Your_Pal_Nancy

    I don’t take my son to the hospital every time he gets sick. I also don’t force him to drink chili powder as a punishment. I’m not a fucked up bitch like that. Also, when my son gets sick and I think it’s nothing, I don’t search through EMT books and call people long distance to ask for advice on what to do. Hannah was experienced in the medical field and she was just trying to cover her own ass. If she thought it was just a simple illness, she wouldn’t have been consulting emergency medical handbooks. She’s a cunt and I’m so glad she’s staying in prison where I’m sure she is fighting daily for her life and dignity, but will no doubt lose both.

  • carolyn

    You are so quick to say “hang-her”. I’m sorry but I’ve served on many jury pools and half the time their comments during the trial are…”can we just hurry up and go home!”.

  • Lawyer for a cause 2004

    Shes innocent! As a mother I am heartbroken for her children. That little boy is gone forever. No one with an ounce of brains could believe she did this to Andrew.

  • Lawyer for a Cause

    Medical examiner said falling from passing out can cause blunt force drama. Judge yourself not others.

  • Lawyer for a cause

    Well would you call 911 and wait the average 12 minutes for
    paramedics to arrive? Every mother knows you over react with your first child and after repeated hospital visits where the doctors tell you your overreacted you learn to not panic. Hannah put him in the bath and when his symptoms worsened she drove him to the ER approximately 15 minutes after he felt sick and threw up. Andrew clearly had problems and this wasn’t his first time acting unusual. Don’t you think she would have called 91 immediately if she thought he was going to die and she would have her newborn ripped out of her arms. JUDGE your self and stop judging others. and God help you child or children that their mothers heart softness.

  • Rochell Arnold

    I will judge the hell out of a child abuser…..and what will you do about it? That’s right, not a damn thing.

  • Rochell Arnold

    If she wasn’t lying why did she change the story? Only liars can’t keep track of their stories.

  • Trench Reynolds

    That’s funny. That’s what most abusers say when their kids have blunt force trauma, they fell.

  • Eva Nescence

    I don’t believe it for one second. She killed her kid.

  • Eva Nescence

    It is CRIMINAL what she did to that child. Prayer is not the end all be all. You have to HELP the child, you can’t just let Jesus drive.

  • Chris E, Juris Doctor.

    “…all evidence that was supposedly knew was known by both parties….” Great grammar, and nice job leaping to the wrong conclusion. As an attorney who has worked in the DA’s office in sex crimes/child abuse, I’ve been frustrated by the failures in the system. My desire has always been to protect children, but not to punish alleged abusers just for the sake of ‘winning’ a case when exculpatory evidence exists. Far too many prosecutors and police are unwilling to drop a case or reverse their position, even when faced w/ such evidence. The prosecutor was guilty of prosecutorial misconduct despite the ‘justice’ system’s circling the wagons to protect one of its own. Have an open mind, anyone? Or a good brain? Or don’t you believe in science. You probably don’t believe in global warming or evolution, either.

  • Rochell Arnold

    Thank you Doctor Grammar Nazi. Yes, many of us do believe in science and evolution however that is not the context of this article. The context of the article is a woman who’s child died as a result of sodium poisoning. Now, I am a mother of 3 children two of which are disabled and have special needs the other is a rambunctious 4 year old and in relation to this case I call bullshit. Let’s utilize theory and re-evaluate this case. In the event that Mrs. Overton did not intentionally force the child to ingest that much sodium, there is still the case that she neglected to watch him for such an amount of time that resulted in him ingesting that much salt. Either way she is guilty. In one aspect she is guilty of killing a child by neglect yet in the other aspect she is guilty by killing him with force. In my opinion they are both equivalent to the heinous deeds she has been charged with. She still gets to live while this sweet angel was buried as a direct result of her actions, either neglect or force the principle stands that the child is dead…..because of her. Now that I have completed my day and argued with someone who is intelligent enough to argue with a stop sign, I must go to my day job which is hardly as lucrative as being a doctorate holder, however I will soon be joining the masses that hold a PHD.

  • Kayla Swanson

    I just watched the show and this lady is innocent and needs to be released!

  • Trench Reynolds

    Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Don’t want to be an American idiot.
    One nation controlled by the media.
    Information age of hysteria.
    It’s calling out to idiot America

  • creepyTexan

    I believe she is innocent. I am so sad she is in prison. can you imagine a person as kind and giving as her being in prison because her child ate a ton of salt and died accidentally? Imagine that hell for a minute and then to have the public convict her again in there ignorance over and over?

    Read the article in The Texas Monthly if you can. A vengeful society with not enough conscience and kindness to find the truth but to just request violence against her is a disgusting thing. It is a mob mentality of the worst kind. This kind of stupidity caused the hanging of blacks in the south, etc.

    You should be ashamed for saying her child could not have done this on his own. How do you know? Are you God? Her child was not “normal” he had severe issues and he ate strange things, he had pica and past abuse from his bio Mom.

    Shame on all of you-seriously.

  • creepyTexan

    dang you got it wrong it as not a punishment. Please, please read the article in Texas Monthly, she gave him Zataran’s in water to appease him cause he had a terrible eating disorder and would defecate and smear his poop on the walls if he was not given food in excess!

  • creepyTexan

    she did not wait around a few hours! this woman is innocent!!!!

  • creepyTexan

    his killer was himself. god bless him.

  • creepyTexan

    wrong! you got it all wrong. this woman is innocent! Read the Texas monthly article. Please. Imagine if you were wrongly convicted of murdering your child. Imagine that horror. Hannah lives that!

  • creepyTexan

    no, she is innocent.

  • Mother of six

    The original medical examiner has reversed his “blunt force trauma” theory…read his most current information. It has also been reported Andrew was given saline Iv’s at the hospital after admission and the staff was not familiar with what was needed…even the medical experts said most would not recognize the situation. This was a tragic accident for everyone, especially the Overton family. Everyone needs to have ALL their facts before making such harsh judgements. Even the co-counsel for prosecutor has written she does not agree with the sentence.

  • Mother of six

    Neither medical expert was called to testify due to the prosecutor (who was later determined to have lied about other evidence that would have helped the defendant)….could this be due to the fact both experts supported Hannah Overton?? At a later date the BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA opinion was reversed by the original medical examiner and another more qualified medical examiner….PROBABLY WAS NOT “blunt force trauma”, but medically induced.

  • Concerned mother

    A, pediatrician who examined Andrew back in 2005, before he was with the Overton’s, said he told the prosecutor he saw problems then (this was ignored) and doctor was surprised prosecutors described him as being “normal”. A leading expert on “salt poisioning” said, “the brain hemorrhaging could have been caused by the sodium content in Andrews blood”, after Andrew was hospitalized and given saline iv’s because the doctors were not sure how to treat …what does that do to the blood? What was determined the amount of salt content was found in the stomach? Why was this information not available for the defense, in fact lead prosecutor denied having the vomit given to them and the medical examiner. .. Having raised seven children…I was not aware of salt poison until this case, and I am sure many parents or public are still not informed. Something is very wrong with our judicial system where this mother is concerned.

  • Concerned mother

    What BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA? According to the expert (who was not called by the prosecutor after all her delays, lets wonder why he was not called to testify), brain hemorrhaging could have been caused by the sodium content in Andrew’s blood INSTEAD OF BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA.

  • Concerned mother

    How sad that you have all the evidence, you were there, you have eye witness to everything the medical did or knows (such as giving a saline iv, making a mistake regarding blunt force trama, and testing all of Andrew’s body fluids) and still blind with such a cold heart. As the mother of two sets of twins, and three additional I am aware that a four old can not be watched every minute and how rambunctious they can be….how do you manage it?? How do you know exactly how much salt was ingested? Where was it ingested? How much sodium comes from an iv?? Lets imagine for a moment how tragic it would be for you or I to be in prison for something we are not responsible for….especially the death of a child? How tragic would it be for the innocent children at home? Its also tragic that our system sometimes has overjealous prosecutors and nasty judgemental society.

  • Guest

    Get your facts straight!! Get a life and clean up your mouth!!