Jospeh Cyr’s girlfriend talks about his arrest in Jaymie Adams’ murder

Joseph Cyr

Joseph Cyr

Girlfriend Of Man Charged With Killing Pregnant Blanchard Mom Speaks Out:

In my previous post about the murder of Jaymie Adams I mentioned that police arrested Joseph Cyr after reducing the charges for Justin Adams to manslaughter. Joseph Cyr’s girlfriend, Rebekah Schultz, has taken to the local media questioning the arrest. In the interest of transparency I have been in previous contact with Ms. Schultz prior to Mr. Cyr’s arrest. At no time did she divulge any sensitive information to me.

“You have to see the things in the affidavit that don’t add up, because they are holding a man right now for reasons that are very untrue,” Schultz said.

“To say they have DNA match or cell phone pings that are on the same tower, I’m not quick to believe it because they tried to say the same things about Justin Adams,” said Schultz.

Schultz says the affidavit for Cyr’s arrest is misleading. They did not skip town after Jaymie’s disappearance, but instead relocated to the Tulsa area because of her job. Schultz says they notified detectives about that move and made sure police had their contact information after.

“They portrayed somebody who just up and left and they didn’t know, which is very untrue. They absolutely knew.”

Schultz also denies the claim made in court documents that Cyr tried to sell the truck to get rid of evidence. She says she was pregnant and they needed a bigger vehicle.

“The truck had been taken in. They said they processed it and didn’t find anything and they gave it back. There was nothing that indicated we shouldn’t be able to sell it.”

Normally I would be one of the first people to say how coincidental this would be albeit sarcastically but I tend to believe Ms. Schultz. If you think my objectivity in this case is being swayed by Ms. Schultz you’d be wrong. I have yet to read anything that is a smoking gun that leads me to believe that Joseph Cyr committed this crime. Also I’d like to see the OKC police answer a simple question. If they say that have a sample of Joseph Cyr’s DNA from Jaymie Adams’ autopsy how come it isn’t mentioned in the autopsy report? Not to mention I have yet to hear a motive on why Cyr allegedly killed her while Justin Adams. Jaymie’s husband, had plenty of motive.

Could my opinion be swayed in the future? Absolutely, but it would have to take some pretty convincing evidence on the part of investigators. So far, as far as what’s been published in the media, they do not have that evidence in my opinion. As far as I’m concerned everything points to Justin Adams as being his wife’s killer.

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