Minnesota mutant busted for plotting attack against Waseca High School

Waseca teen planned school massacre, idolized Columbine shooters:

Waseca teen charged in alleged school massacre plot:

Latest: Waseca police say plot involved killing family, bombing school:


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now 17-year-old John David LaDue, of Waseca, Minnesota, has been arrested and charged with plotting an attack against Waseca High School. LaDue was caught at a storage facility when an employee of the facility called police and said that LaDue was acting suspiciously. When police got there they investigated the storage container and found a metric ass-ton of bomb making materials. Some bomb squad members say it’s the most they’ve ever seen in one place.

LaDue allegedly told police of his entire plot which would have involved killing his parents, setting doiversionary fires to keep fore and EMS busy, placing pressure cooker bombs at the school then shooting his victims as they fled the school.

Not surprisingly it turns out that LaDue is a mutant. That’s my term for a Columbine fanboy/fanfgirl. If you don’t think they really exist just go to Tumblr and do a search for Columbine or ‘columbiner’ as they refer to themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had his own Tumblr. He even originally planned the attack to take place on April 20th of this year which turned out to be a Sunday. He then planned to commit the attacks in the next week or so.

LaDue was also said to be in possession of multiple guns and ammunition at his home. Where they were obtained from has yet to be made public to my knowledge. It also turns out that LaDue was allegedly perfecting his bomb making skills by leaving explosive devices all over town, one in a stuffed Elmo toy at a playground. Luckily that device did not detonate.

Police are saying that LaDue was the only person involved in the plot. No motive has been given as of yet. So far LaDue is being held as a juvenile but I expect that to change considering the amount of firepower that was in his possession.

So once again we have another entitled mutant who can’t come up with an idea of his own and has to deal with his own inadequacies by copying the cowards that came before him with a little Kip Kinkel thrown in this time. Not to mention that on the surface it once again sounds like we have some very inattentive parenting going on if he was able to store guns and bombs in his bedroom. If it wasn’t for the storage employee his parent or parents would have been killed for their inattentiveness.

I haven’t heard the bullying trope trotted out yet but I’m sure it will be at some point.

UPDATE 5/14/2014: LaDue has entered a plea of not guilty. Also of note his dad showed up to the hearing wearing an NRA shirt. Doesn’t sound like Dad’s helping in the least.