Possible motive given in Waseca plot


Sorry everyone. I know this story is a few weeks old. If you’re looking for up to the minute stuff I’m not your guy. Remember, I’m just one guy. No staff or underlings or anything like that.

Anyway, recently the statements made by 17-year-old John David LaDue to police about the alleged plot to attack Waseca High School have been made public. If you’ll recall LaDue was arrested back in April for allegedly plotting to kill his parents before heading to the school.

In his statements it appears that LaDue is blaming his actions on mental illness…

“I was not bullied at all. I don’t think I was ever bullied in my life. I have good parents, I live in a good town. I think I was just mentally ill and no one’s noticed and I’ve been trying to hide it,” he said.

Several times throughout his discussion with Schroeder, LaDue said he wanted an opportunity to speak with a mental health professional and find out “what was wrong with (him)”, telling the officer his life took a turn about the time he entered high school.

There was no incident to trigger the change, he said, just a distinct difference in his behavior.

LaDue said he then began having homicidal thoughts, something prosecutors reiterated in court last month after revealing he threatened to strangle a mental health professional while in custody.

Personally I don’t think LaDue is mentally ill as much as he is a sociopath…

But even though LaDue believed he was mentally ill, he was unwilling to ask for help, because that, he said, might change his plans.

He’s trying to use mental illness as a defense even though it’s obvious he knew the difference between right and wrong.

Also I take back calling LaDue a Columbine fanboy. It seems he sort of held other shooters in disdain, especially the one’s that took the coward’s way out.

“I didn’t want to be a wuss like all the other shooters like (Sandy Hook shooter) Adam Lanza who shot himself,” he said. “I wanted to get taken down by the SWAT and show I wasn’t a wimp and will fight with equal force. I wanted to get out of this place.”

I hate to break it to him but suicide by cop is still suicide especially after killing a bunch of people. That’s the ultimate coward’s act.

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    If I blew up and shot up everything I didn’t care for, I’d have been locked up or killed a long time ago. Your armchair diagnosis seems spot on, to me.