20-year-old pimps out 14-year-old ‘girlfriend’ on Backpage while shooting her up with heroin

20-year-old pimps out 14-year-old 'girlfriend' on Backpage while shooting her up with heroin
Joshua Manuel Treat

20-year-old Joshua Manuel Treat, of Virginia Beach, is accused of allegedly prostituting his 14-year-old girlfriend on Backpage. Treat is said to have started ‘dating’ the girl when she was 13. The girl was also a runaway from North Carolina.

After an investigation by Virginia Beach police, the FBI and the NCMEC, Treat was arrested after investigators posed as someone who wanted to pay Treat and his girlfriend to have sex while they watched. After his arrest the victim claimed that she was uncomfortable having sex in front of strangers, to which Treat supposedly said they could rob the john instead. Treat was said to be in possession of a gun, a crack pipe, and a syringe at the time of his arrest. The victim claimed that Treat would inject her with heroin before she would have sex with johns.

Once again, here we not only have a case where Backpage is obviously not catching ads for child prostitution but they’re still making money from it. It also seems that Backpage has no problem taking money from a child predator who injects his ‘girlfriend’ with heroin. But it’s a free speech issue, right?

Study says that background checks will prevent school shootings. They’re wrong.

Study says that background checks will prevent school shootings. They're wrong.

Whenever there is a study about guns and school shootings I always feel the need to preface my blog posts about them. While I support the right of responsible gun ownership, I do not belong to any pro-gun organization, nor do I own a firearm.

With that out of the way, a study was recently made public that says states with background checks for gun and ammunition have fewer school shootings. Normally I would dismiss a study like this as correlation does not equal causation, but in my opinion the study is much more flawed than that.

Once again the definition of ‘school shooting’ in this study is a lot broader than what most people think of as a school shooting. To me, a school shooting is when a gunman enters a school or campus in order to cause the most violence possible. This study defines a school shooting as “an incident when a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds.” I call that the ‘Everytown’ definition as it was first used to my knowledge by the anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown has made previously made claims such as there were 47 school shootings in 2015. The problem with this is if you call every shooting within a 5 mile radius of a school a school shooting, it lessens the impact of an actual school shooting.

As far as background checks go, I’m actually in favor of them. However, you have to remember that in many cases of school shootings the shooter could either have passed a background check, obtained the gun illegally, or stole the gun from their parents.

While some people think that you can just waltz into Wal-Mart and buy a fully automatic machine gun, that’s just not true. We are currently living in a time where it’s more difficult to purchase a gun than any other time in history. As I’ve posted about before school shootings are not about the access of guns, but rather the entitled children we’re raising who don’t have the emotional wherewithal to deal with failure.

Sandy Hook PSA ‘Know The Signs’ misses the mark

Sandy Hook PSA "Know The Signs" misses the mark

Sandy Hook Promise is a gun violence prevention organization whose co-founder is Nicole Hockley. Ms. Hockley lost her 6-year-old son Dylan in the tragedy that was the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary four years ago. Recently, Ms. Hockley was on Good Morning America, and was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos due to Sandy Hook Promise releasing a new public service announcement entitled ‘Know the Signs’. It’s designed to make people more aware about spotting a potential school shooting.

The PSA is designed to look like a budding high school romance, meanwhile in the background there are hidden signs of potential school shooting. It’s a clever concept and had plenty of potential to be effective, but in my opinion it fails to do so.

Before I get into my critique about the PSA please allow me a moment to discuss Mr. Stephanopoulos’ interview with Ms. Hockley. Here is that interview in its entirety…

With all due respect to Ms. Hockley, at the 1:29 mark I slammed my laptop shut and just about pushed it off my desk. Can you guess why? She mentions bullying as a sign of a potential school shooter. This is not a sign of a potential school shooter. This is nothing more than a trope that’s been carted out on the media for the past 17 years ever since it was incorrectly reported that the Columbine cowards were bullied. I don’t think that this is Ms. Hockley’s fault however, as I think the media probably won’t let you talk about school shootings unless you talk about bullying. The bullying that most school shooters supposedly endured was largely made up in their own heads as some perceived slight against them, or they were antisocial cretins who drew the attention on themselves. Not to mention that even if you believe bullying causes school shootings, calling it a sign does nothing for the bullied. It only makes the school look at them as a potential threat rather than doing anything about the bullying itself. The only thing the bullying trope does is give people a rational appearing reason for a totally irrational act by an irrational person.

To Ms. Hockley’s credit, the rest of the interview was on point. She spoke about other signs such as extreme behavior and mental illness, and for parents not to ignore the signs. To me that is where the main point of failure occurs when it comes to most school shootings, parents with the ‘not my kid’ syndrome.

Now here is the ‘Know the Signs’ PSA in its entirety…

As a whole, the problem I have with the PSA is the fact that it’s too stereotypical. This is what TV and movie writers think of when they think of a school shooting. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to all school shootings. It doesn’t apply to school shootings like NIU or Virginia Tech, and it doesn’t even apply to Sandy Hook.

As far as the individual signs in the video go, there are two that I actually agree with. The first is the postings on social media. A lot of times these kids who are planning to commit some kind of act of school violence will almost always post some kind of hint on social media. The second, and most important one, is the watching of videos about other school shootings. Since Columbine, there has been a chain of copycat shooters that have endured to this day. Many of these shooters are what the internet has dubbed ‘columbiners’. For lack of a better term columbiners are fans of school shooters who consider the shooters victims rather than villains. Cho Seung-Hui was one, Stephen Kazmierczak was one, and Adam Lanza was one. It doesn’t matter that some of these columbiner kids weren’t even born before April 20, 1999, as they still identify with their cowardly heroes. Too many parents see this as a phase rather than a sign of mental illness, as mental illness still carries a stigma with it that some parents perceive as they didn’t do their job well enough if they admit their kid has mental issues. Yet when their kid goes on to slaughter a bunch of innocent people they act like they did nothing wrong. If Nancy Lanza was alive today she probably would have said the same thing.

In conclusion, while Sandy Hook Promise puts in a good effort, and has some very poignant things to say, I think they may need to refine their approach when it comes to PSAs. What I’d like to see is a PSA in the same vein as ‘Know the Signs’ except with the parent missing the signs instead of other students. Maybe a ‘Know the Signs 2’?

(Thanks to Lady Gray for the guidance and the editorial assist)

John who knew Backpage girl was underage, is 1st man charged under new Pa. law

John who knew Backpage girl was underage is 1st man charged under new Pa. law
Matthew J. Sipps

I was unaware that the commonwealth of Pennsylvania instituted a new law that says you can be arrested if you know a minor is being trafficked for sex and you do nothing about it. Recently, the first man to be charged with that crime in the Keystone State was 40-year-old Matthew J. Sipps of Aston.

Sipps allegedly used the services of an underage prostitute being trafficked on Backpage. The girl was a 16-year-old runaway from Rhode Island who was allegedly being trafficked by a pimp. After Sipps found out the girl was 16 he reportedly got the idea to get her out of that life. Instead of contacting police or taking her home, he took her to his home where she lived for a month while they had sex.

Though she told Sipps she was 16 and a runaway from Rhode Island, “Sipps was unfazed … and drove (the victim) to his home in Aston,” the affidavit states. The teen stayed with Sipps for about a month. During that time, they had sex several times, according to the affidavit.

Even worse is that Sipps lived with his mom and his brothers. While not illegal it sure is creepy that he supposedly kept a 16-year-old girl there. The victim claims she felt coerced into staying there, and of course the Sipps’ family did not cooperate with the investigation, according to police.

While the age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16 there is still a corruption of minors statute which applies here since the victim is under 18. Sipps was arrested after the man who trafficked the girl, Raymond Justis, was arrested and pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of a minor. Justis was sentenced to 14 years.

First off, good on Pennsylvania for not only having this law on the books, but for enforcing it. I’ve always said that there should be harsher penalties against johns, and according to what I’ve read this one will be pretty harsh. When you make the risk greater than the ‘reward’ it will put a rather large dent in the number of people being trafficked. No more tickets and citations, bring on the felonies with real jail time instead.

Texas teacher caught having sex with Snapchat student

Texas teacher caught having sex with Snapchat student
Alaina Danielle Ferguson

A 16-year-old male student of a Plano, Texas, high school handed in a test paper to his teacher with his Snapchat username on it instead of his name. Surprisingly this worked as 23-year-old Alaina Danielle Ferguson was arrested for allegedly having sex with the student. I’m just as shocked as you are that this didn’t happen in Florida.

The Snapchat exchanges allegedly led to games of beer pong, sex on park benches and eventually to sex in her fiancée’s apartment in McKinney, Texas.


Ferguson only had her job at the school district a few months before resigning amid her arrest. She was also able to post the $100,000 bond she was being held for, on a teacher’s salary no less.

Another teacher, another case of Snapchat leading to sexual charges against children and it seems the female teachers are disproportionately assaulting their students more frequently than their male counterparts. Which brings us to the old argument of the troglodytes who say ‘I wish I had teachers like this when I was their age’ before high-fiving the same guys they hung out with in high school at the BW3 in the same town that they’ve never left.

A female teacher having sex (child rape) with a male student is just as damaging as it is if the gender roles were reversed. Let this be another reason for parents to not only be more aware of what their kids are doing on social media but to also keep their devices in your possession at night. It’s not just your daughters that you have to worry about it when it comes to inappropriate advances from teachers.

UPDATE 12/7/2016: This is kind of a gossipy update but Ferguson has reportedly broken off her engagement.

Ga. suspect accused of Backpage murder of pregnant woman

Ga. suspect accused of Backpage murder of pregnant woman
Terique Dwayne Hall

24-year-old Terique Dwayne Hall of Atlanta has been charged with the murder of 20-year-old Ashley Mays, in DeKalb County, Georgia. Hall allegedly murdered Ms. Mays by smothering her with a pillow after zip tying her hands and feet. Ms. Mays was also nine months pregnant and the baby did not survive either.

Hall met Ms. Mays through Backpage where she was being advertised as an escort. This allowed Hall to allegedly gain access to Mays’ home where he is said to have assaulted and killed her.

Once again, Backpage would have you believe that this is what constitutes free speech. Not only that but this is yet another example of where Backpage is not protecting sex workers. This man was able to enter his victim’s home through Backpage. That doesn’t sound like safety to me.

Parents prevent possible school shooting in Utah

Parents prevent possible school shooting in Utah

Hell has frozen over, the Seventh Seal has been broken and grab two of each animal and head for the border because the end is nigh. Two parents in Bountiful, Utah, actually prevented their 15-year-old son from possibly shooting up Mueller Park Junior High. The suspect allegedly stole two guns from his parents’ gun safe and took them to the school. The parents not only noticed the guns were missing, but that their son was acting strangely the morning of the incident. Let’s hear it for attentive parenting for once.

The parents rushed to the school in order to locate their son when they heard a gunshot. The suspect fired a shot into the ceiling of a classroom then held the gun to his neck. His mother found him in the classroom and disarmed him before anything else could happen. Luckily no one was physically injured. The guns were said to have been secured properly in their safe, but it has not been made public how the suspect obtained the guns.

The suspect is currently being held in a juvenile facility and has been charged only with misdemeanors so far. Felonies could be forthcoming. So far no motive has been made public.

How many school shootings in the US could have been prevented just by parents being more attentive than they were? How many more people would be alive today if more people acted as parents rather than friends? Not just friends though, a lot of parents of school shooters acted even more like acquaintances being barely involved in their children’s life. Too many parents are trying to be the cool parents rather than good parents. Luckily these parents were very good.

Dylan Lentini sentenced to 20 years in craigslist roommate killing

Dylan Lentini sentenced to 20 years in craigslist roommate killing
Dylan Lentini

This past Tuesday, a now 20-year-old Dylan Lentini was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the stabbing murder of his craigslist roommate, Michael Wimbert of West Nyack, New York. Lentini argued that he killed Wimbert in self-defense as the much larger 68-year-old man was trying to rape him.

Lentini reportedly was causing disruptions in court earlier in the day proclaiming his innocence and interrupting proceedings. Court was in recess for two hours before the judge rendered the sentence. Several people had sent letters and testimony to the court claiming that Wimbert was sexually inappropriate with many other people however, the judge felt the fact that Lentini did not meet the self-defense criteria since he stabbed Wimbert 30 times. Lentini’s own sister even told local New York news that he was manipulative and capable of violence.

It seems that in this instance that no one is a good guy and there is no happy ending.

The Ohio State University active shooter, I mean Muslim terrorist, I mean guy with a knife.

The Ohio State University active shooter, I mean Muslim terrorist, I mean guy with a knife.

As by now we all know about the attack that took place at Ohio State University this past Monday. Thanks to the instant news cycle where it’s better to be first than right, there have been a number of things reported about the attack that either turned out not to be true or downright outlandish. I’m here to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the attack.

Originally it was reported as an active shooter situation, with the school telling both employees and students on campus to “Run Hide Fight”. To be honest I really don’t have a problem with this even though it wasn’t a shooter at all. If you send out the emergency texts that say a knife wielding man is on campus, that’s really not going to make anyone stay away from the area. Much akin to how some recommend you should yell ‘fire’ instead of ‘help’ when being accosted.

As we know now it was not an active shooter situation at all. 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan ran his car into a crowd at campus injuring many before leaving his car armed with a knife and slashing several people. Before it was over 11 people were injured and Artan was shot and killed by campus police after refusing to drop the butcher knife. Artan was also a student of the university. As you may be able to surmise by the name, Artan was a devout Muslim from Somalia. We’ll get to that in a moment.

For those of you who are always asking non-radical Muslims to denounce attacks like this here it is

Muslim and Somali leaders in Ohio on Monday night called the attack “horrific,” “sickening” and not representative of Islam or Somali culture.

“Today we all came here to condemn this tragic incident,” Horshed Noah, a Somali American imam at one of Columbus’ largest mosques.

Investigators believe that Islam may have been the motive for the attack…

ABC News reported that the post read, in part, “I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore.”

Just wait for it, we’re going to get there.

As expected the Islamic State, better known as ISIS, hailed Artan as a ‘brother’. While he was not in direct contact with ISIS they did consider him a ‘soldier’.

We’re not there yet, be patient.

Of course the media had to trot out their list of the deadliest school shootings in America even though this wasn’t a shooting. Way to wait for all the facts to come in before calling it a school shooting. That goes double for you, Everytown for Gun Safety, who were already touting their grossly inaccurate claim that there have been 205 school shootings since 2013. I’ve previously busted two of their myths here and here. Yet the media still gives this deceptive organization legitimacy, quoting their exaggerated statistics like they were gospel.

When Artan was once interviewed by the OSU student newspaper he expressed concerns over being a Muslim in America.

“I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media,” he said. “I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen.”

We’re almost there.

Some outlets are reporting that Artan bought a knife at a Home Depot in Washington D.C. although it was probably not the knife used in the attack. This is a non-story that has absolutely no bearing on the crime itself. This sounds more like the media trying to stir up terrorism fears for clicks and ratings.

Some investigators believe that Artan was inspired by Anwar al-Awlaki, a US born Muslim cleric who held a top position in Al-Qaeda before he was killed in a 2011 drone strike. Again I’ll discuss more on this in a moment.

Ok, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. We could argue semantics over the terms terror and terrorism but this wasn’t a terrorist attack in the classical sense. This was hardly any different from the knife attacks at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Pennsylvania, or Mountain View High School in Utah. The only difference between Artan and the other two suspects is that Artan is not only an immigrant but he’s also Muslim. The less enlightened among us used this situation to try to make us fear immigrants and Muslims just because one outlier committed this attack. Artan’s attack was more like a typical school attack that is normally carried out by entitled white kids. Much like those spoiled suburbanites who normally commit these attacks, Artan was emulating someone who had committed violence before him, much like the white kids always seem to claim Columbine coward Eric Harris as a hero and inspiration.

The bottom line is that Artan is not a jihadist as some may have you think. He’s just another entitled loser who felt the need to use violence to deal with his own inadequacies. If he had been a white kid, it would just be another school attack.

Joseph Cyr sentenced for Jaymie Adams’ murder. Where is the smoking gun?

Joseph Cyr sentenced for Jaymie Adams' murder. Where is the smoking gun?
Joseph Cyr

In the close to 17 years that I’ve been operating this website in one form or another I have only believed that three people who I’ve written about were wrongly convicted. I’m not one of these people who believes everyone who has ever claimed to have been wrongly convicted on TV or film. Earlier today, 35-year-old Joseph Cyr was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without parole for the murder of Jaymie Adams and her unborn child. In my opinion Joseph Cyr has been convicted unjustly.

To try to quickly recap, Jaymie Adams was being prostituted on craigslist by her husband, Justin Adams, in Oklahoma City. She disappeared before her body was found. Not only was she stabbed repeatedly but she was pregnant at the time of her death. As I’ve pointed out many times in the past, Justin Adams was not only having an affair with another woman while his wife was missing, He also took out a $100,000 life insurance policy on his wife before she disappeared.

Due to what I consider to be a bungled investigation by the Oklahoma City Police Department Justin Adams was only given 10 years probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter charges in the death of his wife.

Jospeh Cyr was then considered a suspect after his DNA was allegedly found in Jaymie Adams, although that was never mentioned on the initial autopsy report. On that evidence alone Cyr was convicted and sentenced which leads me to ask where is the smoking gun. How is Cyr’s DNA evidence enough to convince a jury that Cyr stabbed her close to 30 times? Please read the following articles and tell me if there was something I miss that should convince me without a shadow of a doubt that Cyr killed Jaymie Adams.

2 life sentences for Skiatook man convicted of fatally stabbing pregnant woman he met on Craigslist for sex
Skiatook man gets two life sentences for killing pregnant woman
Man convicted of fatally stabbing married pregnant woman he met on Craigslist for sex gets two life sentences
Joseph Cyr sentenced to life without parole for killing woman, unborn child
Decision reached in the double murder trial of Joseph Cyr

Whatever happened to investigative journalism?

I’ve even received emails from people who attended the trial who say that the DNA was really the prosecution’s only argument that Cyr killed Jaymie. Meanwhile, Justin Adams not only had the means, the motive, the opportunity and was even allegedly in the area of where Jaymie disappeared from yet he gets a pat on the head from police and is sent on his way.

While Cyr may not be innocent I believe he has been convicted on very flimsy evidence and at the very least deserves a retrial at different venue. I also believe that the Oklahoma City Police are trying to cover something up by convicting Cyr and letting Adams walk. I urge everyone reading this to not only please share this story but to also contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) and urge them to investigate the OKCPD’s handling of Jaymie’s murder.

When contacting the OSBI please be polite and respectful as that will go a long way into making our concerns heard.