Boy that was in Kenny Bartley’s care died from blunt force trauma

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

First please allow me to preface this story by saying that no criminal charges have been filed at the time I’m posting this.

Having said that as you may recall Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley was living with his psychologist and her son as part of his probation for domestic violence charges he allegedly committed against his own family. Back in May the three-year-old boy died while in Bartley’s supervision. Bartley’s psychologist and attorney have both said that it was an accident and that the child fell off some stairs onto a concrete surface,

Recently the boy’s cause of death has been made public and according to the autopsy report the boy died from blunt force trauma to the head. In case you’re wondering I’m not mentioning the boy’s name until actual criminal charges are filed if any are filed at all. So far it appears that the investigation is still ongoing since not only has the suspected cause of the blunt force trauma not been released but the law enforcement offices that are involved in the investigation are being very tight-lipped about the whole thing.

Now I am far from any kind of medical professional but I’ve posted enough stories in my time about children dying from blunt force trauma and they tend to have similar narratives, usually from abusive parents. Most times they claim the child fell out of bed or hit their head on some piece of furniture. It usually turns out that the force they died from was many times greater than the force they claim injured the child. Is that the case here? Can am accidental fall from three steps up onto a concrete floor cause enough trauma to kill a three-year-old. I guess it is entirely possible however, when a child is left unattended with a convicted murderer who has a history of violence it seems like it becomes more than coincidental.

Woman raped after responding to craigslist roommate ad near Chicago

Farhad Tanzif

Farhad Tanzif

Police in Des Plaines, Illinois, have arrested 50-year-old Farhad Tanzifn for allegedly raping a woman he met through craigslist. Police say that Tanzifn placed an on craigslist looking for a roommate and agreed to give the room to a 45-year-old woman. When the woman returned with her belongings Tanzifn allegedly raped her at knife point.

It doesn’t matter which section of craigslist you may use, the odds are there’s some kind of criminal lurking on the other side of the ad and as much as I hate to say it, those odds greatly increase if you’re a woman. That may sound insensitive but unfortunately that’s the way it is on craigslist these days.

“Panties panties panties m4m”

Nathan Allen Sayler

Nathan Allen Sayler

Who would have thought that a guy posting an ad on craigslist looking for panties would be some kind of sexual predator? Especially after this tasteful ad…

An ad posted on Craigslist titled “Panties panties panties m4m” read: “I’m looking for. Wife’s girlfriends daughters mothers whatever or who ever panties willing to sell or trade??? Cute or sexy. Don’t matter just want some new ones!!!”

Apparently anybody with a shred of common sense which included a Yellowstone County Detective in Montana. After responding to the ad the man who allegedly placed the ad, 38-year-old Nathan Allen Sayler of Billings, Montana, eventually turned the conversation to wanting to trade young girls and had sent child porn to the detective to prove he was for real. Sayler has been charged with sexual abuse of children and solicitation of sexual abuse of children. I would imagine that covers child porn as well.

It really does take all kinds but the really sick ones are on craigslist.

“Any dads like to perv over their young sons?”

Joseph Leon Love

Joseph Leon Love

25-year-old Joseph Leon Love was a teacher in Norman, Oklahoma. I say was because he got into a little hot water after allegedly posting the following ad on craigslist…

“Any dads like to perv over their young sons, let’s talk. I want to talk to any real dads out there who have sons and like to think pervy thoughts about them. Let’s have some hot chat.”

That’s not even trying to hide what you’re after.

Of course he was contacted by an undercover detective posing as the father of a young boy. Love reported said he’d bring weed for the three of them to smoke and grape wine coolers for the boy to get him to loosen up. Love was arrested at a meeting place set up by police and since his arrest he’s resigned from the school district.

I have to ask craigslist is it community policing when it’s being done by the actual police? Self-moderation would go a long way in keeping your site from being the go to choice of predators looking for new victims.

A Kornukopia of Kik Kreepers


36-year-old teacher, Cory Grant Leonard, of Macomb Township, Michigan, was arrested for allegedly sharing child porn on Kik. He also worked at a daycare.

38-year-old Joshua L. Pierce of Haines City, Florida, was arrested for allegedly using Kik to obtain child porn.

24-year-old Joshua Richard Harrison of Paw Paw, Michigan, is also accused of allegedly sharing child porn on Kik.

22-year-old Matthew Bondi of Deerfield Beach, Florida, was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 14-year-old boy through Kik. What’s interesting about this story is that Bondi was a Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy before being fired after his arrest.

33-year-old Joshua Hood of Clarksburg, West Virginia, was arrested for allegedly sharing explicit pictures of a 2-year-old female relative on Kik.

30-year-old Richard J. Vandexter of Williamstown, New Jersey, was arrested for allegedly sending explicit images to minors over Kik.

The Wiccan community should not hold up Damien Echols as an icon

Damien Echols (Today I'll be Wiccan, then tomorrow Buddhist. Maybe Hasidic Jew next.)

Damien Echols (Today I’ll be Wiccan, then tomorrow Buddhist. Maybe Hasidic Jew next.)

Recently there was a triple homicide in Florida that some local Barney Fife called a ‘Wiccan Ritual Killing’. More than likely the doughnut eater wouldn’t recognize anything Wicca if it bit him in the ass. Not surprisingly some in the Wiccan community had a problem with this. That’s totally understandable. They probably have every right to be.

One of those who took issue were Peg Aloi who writes a blog called The Witching Hour. I have no problem with Ms. Aloi personally. She is well within her right to stand up for her beliefs and educate those who may be ignorant about them. What I do take issue with is when Ms. Aloi compared this case to the West Memphis 3.

Ms. Aloi wrote in this blog post

Indeed, for those unfamiliar with the West Memphis Three case, suffice it to say that three innocent young men were sent to prison for eighteen years after being convicted of a grisly triple murder of three boys in Arkansas in 1993. The murders were characterized as “cult killings” by local police, and a bogus “cult crime expert” gave ridiculous testimony that nevertheless painted supposed “ringleader” Damien Echols (a smart, sensitive 18 year old outcast who was dabbling in Wicca and other aspects of the occult at the time; he is now a practicing Buddhist and has been for a number of years) as a monster who had committed an act of ritual human sacrifice. The Witches’ Voice website covered the case in detail for years. The Three were released in 2011, and have been truing to rebuild their lives; the killer remains at large, although the case is still being investigated and one victim’s stepfather is the prime suspect.

First off the three were never innocent. They were all convicted and they were released on Alford pleas which as I’ve discussed before is still a guilty plea. Secondly the so-called bogus cult expert also holds several criminology and other degrees from brick and mortar universities and has studied under some of the country’s most decorated police investigators. The case is officially closed as far as law enforcement on any level is concerned and the victim’s stepfather is not a prime suspect as I previously stated the investigation is officially closed. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Damien Echols was never Wiccan in my opinion and the Wiccan and Pagan communities do themselves a disservice by holding him up as one of their own. Echols would use terms like Wiccan or Satanic to make him look like some kind of counterculture badass in the Bible Belt of Arkansas. I don’t know too many Wiccans that stomp dogs to death. I may not be the most prolific student of the ways of Wicca but I believe this goes against its tenets of nature, Hell (no pun intended), even Satanists say in the 10th Satanic Rule of the Earth “Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.” Ironically the 9th Rule states “Do not harm little children.” but I’ll let that one go for now.

As I have said before the killings were not occult killings but cult killings, the cult of Damien Echols, much like in the mold of Charles Manson. By all accounts of his mental history Echols has always leaned towards violent psychopathy and the three true victims, Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers, were his opportunity to make a name for himself. He even has a name for his fans/followers as he calls them Chupacabras like he’s in some kind of band. That seems very cult-like to me. Very reminiscent of David Koresh.

He uses Wicca as an excuse for his actions and by holding him up as a persecuted Wiccan martyr you’re doing a grave disservice to the Wiccan community at large.

I bear no vitriol or ill-will towards Ms. Aloi and I don’t want my readers to either. I’m just trying to point out discrepancies much like she did to the media.

Branding is everything

As a content creator if you’re not establishing your brand you’re just another face in the crowd.

Via: Qumana Branding Team

First arrests made in Jade Helm conspiracy


As I predicted three men have been arrested for allegedly plotting against the government in response to the Jade Helm 15 military exercise.

Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Christopher James Barker, 41, and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30, are accused of stockpiling guns and ammunition, as well as attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus “dummy” grenades, according unsealed criminal complaints released Monday.

The three men all hail from Tex…wait, not Texas? They’re from North Carolina? Gastonia of all places? For those of you who don’t live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area like yours truly, Gastonia is a redneck suburb of Charlotte. North Carolina was not even on the Jade Helm 15 map so for these rocket surgeons to start stockpiling arms in response to it just shows how far crazy can reach.

As I am wont to say if you look for a conspiracy in everything then everything is a conspiracy.

Also I am aware of the shots fired at soldiers at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, but as of yet there’s been no concrete connection to Jade Helm.

UPDATE: While a lot of partisan hacks were claiming the Camp Shelby ‘shootings’ were connected to Jade Helm it turns out it was just a guy who can make his truck backfire at will.

We get letters: We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I received the following e-mail from Jason. Jason says…

We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent? Furthermore, what has led you to believe that WM3 is guilty? People have recanted their comments, Jesse Misskelley was found to have an alibi, as were Damian Echols and Jason Baldwin. Jesse Misskelley’s confession was found to be coerced with many of the details fed to him by the police. Your comments are not compelling at all. I’m really thinking that you’re either Terry Hobbs himself or you’re getting pay rolled by him to create this blog.

Congratulations. This may just be the most factually incorrect e-mail ever written. First off is “We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?” even a sentence? I mean it looks like a question but kind of makes a statement. That’s new levels of bad grammar right there.

Secondly no one has recanted their story, please provide documentation that says otherwise.

None of the three had any alibis or else their alibis would have been called to testify.

Jessie Misskelley wouldn’t stop confessing even after his own conviction.

Lastly, you got me. I’m Terry Hobbs. You’ve uncovered my master plan. I started this blog in 2000 then wrote a PRO-WM3 post in 2001, then recanted my position in 2007. appeared on two different national news shows talking about an unrelated crime while wearing Hollywood level prosthetics and wigs in 2009, all the while maintaining my cover in Arkansas. And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for meddling chalupas.

Or maybe Terry Hobbs is bankrolling me because he’s got all that money from his book and movie deals, oh wait, that’s Damien Echols who has that. He’s never one to turn away any payday that he makes off of tragedy.

It seems like somebody just watched the movies for the first time.

Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught

Megan Elizabeth Everett

Megan Elizabeth Everett

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I first posted the story of Megan Elizabeth Everett. She’s the woman from Sunrise, Florida, who had joint custody of her daughter and went on the run because she didn’t want her daughter vaccinated. Not only that but she allegedly wanted her then 2-year-old daughter to be homeschooled so she could only learn about the Confederacy. The crazy runs deep in this one.

Yesterday Everett was captured not too far outside of Jacksonville, Florida, while using an assumed name for both her and her daughter. She was featured on the CNN show ‘The Hunt’ that’s hosted by former America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh. I didn’t know he had a new show. Good for him. But I digress.

While I’m glad that her daughter is now safe and back in the arms of her caring father this story affords me the opportunity to discuss some things. The first is, like I keep saying, there is no scientific evidence linking vaccinations to Autism. For some reason Autism is the bogeyman of Luddites who want to scare people into believe whatever medical conspiracy theory they subscribe to. Secondly there needs to be more checks and balances when it comes to homeschooling. Too many people use homeschooling as a way to either hide child abuse from authorities or to indoctrinate them into some hateful thinking. I’m sorry to the legitimate homeschoolers but too many bad apples are ruining it for you. Lastly, as I’ve posted recently, the Confederacy is nothing to celebrate. Even if you take away the racism you still left with a bunch of seditionists and losers.

I don’t see why anybody would want their kid to be a disease carrying racist yet here we are.