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Teen kills woman for $6

Florida Teen Charged With Gruesome Slaying:

16-year-old Alan Michael Tanguay has been charged with a most brutal crime. He’s been arrested for the murder of 58-year-old Patricia Kaliszeski.

Tanguay broke into her house in order to rob it and knew that she was home. He stabbed her multiple times then slit her throat, almost decapitating her, to ‘ease her suffering’.

Tanguay bragged to his friends that he killed her and went into great detail about it. His friends didn’t hesitate in telling police.

He was first arrested at the age of 12 and has bragged to friends that he has killed before. Police are looking into those allegations as well.

He only was able to steal $6 dollars from Ms. Kaliszeski and he said he was going to use it for beer.

His MySpace, which has since been made private, kind of alluded to his violent tendencies.

One sentence, according to the police report, read “I like gory sh**, like people getting their neck slit and tounge [sic] pulled out.”

If one of my kids had that on their MySpace they’d go the rest of their natural lives without ever coming near a computer again. Good work there Mom.

Of course the tough guy cried when he went before the judge this past Tuesday.

He is expected to be charged as an adult when a grand jury convenes.

Thanks to Tony for the tip.