Alyssa Bustamante charged as an adult

Missouri Girl Allegedly Killed ‘to Know What It Felt Like’:

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante of Jefferson City, Missouri who allegedly killed her 9-year-old neighbor Elizabeth Olten. She allegedly killed Elizabeth by strangling her, stabbing her and cutting her throat just because she wanted to know what it felt like to kill.

Not only has she been charged as an adult but she’s been indicted on first degree murder charges. And you’ve guessed correctly, I have no problem with this whatsoever.

Bustamante has been treated for depression, she’s a cutter, and she attempted suicide at 13. After her arrest she even tried to cut herself with her own fingernails. 

And of course her lawyer trotted out the same old juvenile killer defense…

He argued Bustamante should remain in the juvenile system, where she could potentially be rehabilitated before being set free by age 21. Kurt Valentine warned that Bustamante would either kill herself or be assaulted and killed by others if she were placed in an adult jail cell or prison.

“We are throwing away the child and we are signing a death sentence for Alyssa,” Valentine said. “She is not going to survive her time in the Cole County jail.”

Tough shit pal. If she was tried as a juvenile she’d be released by 21 if convicted. In 6 years Elizabeth Olten will still be dead.

Will sentencing Bustamante to life bring Elizabeth back? No, but it it will balance the scales of justice.