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Colin Mckenzie-Gude’s arsenal

Photos Show Teen’s Bomb-making Materials:

Check out the pictures on the link of Colin Mckenzie-Gude’s arsenal. It doesn’t look all that impressive until you get to the last picture of all the guns. That’s an impressive arsenal.

If you’ll recall Mckenzie-Gude was not only busted with said arsenal but a list of his former teachers was also found not to mention a map of President Bush’s route to Camp David and forged CIA documents.

The article talks about President Obama however Obama was not yet president when Mckenzie-Gude was busted.

His lawyer states that he’s a good kid who is just fascinated with guns and explosives. Kind of the same way the Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth were I’m sure.

Collin McKenzie-Gude enters plea

Collin McKenzie-Gude

Collin McKenzie-Gude

Suspected Teen Bomber Pleads Guilty:

Our favorite would be presidential assassin Collin McKenzie-Gude has entered a guilty plea but it was only for possessing an explosive device. Even though the 19-year-old could be sentenced to 10 years behind bars let’s review the evidence.

He was caught with explosives, ammunition, forged CIA credentials and a map of then-President Bush’s motorcade route from the White House to Camp David. He had a list of his former teacher’s from his former high school. And let’s not forget that he carjacked a 78-year-old man while trying to elude capture.

But all he gets is a possession of explosives charge. Lame.

Sentencing is scheduled for January.

McKenzie-Gude pleads to carjacking

Teen Charged in Bomb Probe Makes Plea:

In case you’ve forgotten Colin McKenzie-Gude is the kid from Bethesda, Maryland who is accused of not only plotting an attack against his former teachers but also possibly against then President George W. Bush. He was found to be in possession of explosives, ammunition and forged CIA documents among other things.

One of his lesser crimes was that he tried to carjack a 78-year-old man in order to make his escape. He’s pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor attempted carjacking charge. No word on what the sentence for that will be.

His trial on the other charges is set for early August.

Teen in DC area plot may be charged as adult

Prosecutors Want Teen Tried as Adult in Bomb Case:

Prosecutors in Maryland want to charge the 17-year-old cohort of Colin McKenzie-Gude as an adult.

If you’ll recall McKenzie-Gude was found to be in possession of guns, explosives, fake CIA identification, a list of addresses of his former teachers from St. John’s College High School, and a map of the motorcade that President Bush takes to Camp David.

The 17-year-old’s attorney said that they hope they can reach a resolution that will allow him to move on with his life. I’m sure they will if they mean life in the federal pen.

Obama's would be assassins

“Skinheads” Reveal All On Web:

I’m sure by now everyone has head about the two neo-nazi skinheads who planned to assassinate Barack Obama.

Not surprisingly the pair of racist idiots Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman had MySpaces.

The article from CBS news talks about one of Schlesselman’s MySpace profiles and his racist rantings about ‘wiggers’. However I found what seems like a different one for Schlesselman. Be careful clicking on it, it contains nazi imagery. And by imagery I mean you’re greeted with a giant swastika on it. If that wasn’t enough here’s from his ‘About me’…

My name is Paul, I am from Memphis. people tell me i’m a scary motherfucker, then i kick the shit out of them. when im on the internet i like to chill at (racist forum site redacted) there are some pretty badass guys there

I bet he was more of a scared MFer when ATF rolled up on him.

Cowart’s MySpace, which is now private, had similar racist rantings on it as well. His MySpace allegedly said “Better to die quick fighting on your feet then to live forever begging on your knees.” Where he’s going I think he’s going to be spending a lot of time on his knees.

While I’m at it isn’t hate speech a violation of MySpace’s TOS? As long as jackasses like this are congregating on MySpace I’ll always consider it the trailer park of the internet.

Thanks to Mr. A.