Craigslist killing in Atlanta

Man shot and killed during Craigslist sale:

Man reportedly shot during botched DeKalb Craigslist deal:


As if the DeKalb County section of Atlanta didn’t have enough problems to deal with yesterday an unidentified 60-year-old man was shot and killed during a craigslist deal gone bad.

The details have not been forthcoming but reports say that the victim was allegedly meeting with potential buyers for a cell phone he was trying to sell. Police seem to think that this was a botched robbery attempt. No suspect has been apprehended at this time.

With the lack of details I can only comment on this, craigslist is dangerous. I realize that craigslist has millions of transactions that happen without any malice but has an inordinate amount of transactions that end up just like this one.

Last week’s shooting at an Atlanta middle school


14-year-old recovering after shooting at SE Atlanta middle school:

Victim ID’d by TV network in Atlanta middle school shooting, released from hospital after suffering gunshot to the neck:

Last week there was a shooting outside of Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia. You may have heard you may not have. 14-year-old Telvis Douglas was the intended target and he was shot in the neck from behind by his yet to be named assailant. Telvis was shot while trying to run away from the shooter. Luckily his injuries were not life threatening. The suspect is also said to be a student at the school and after he shot Telvis he was said to have emptied his magazine into the crowd of fleeing children. Thankfully no one else was struck by the bullets. The suspect was apprehended and disarmed by the school’s resource officer, an off duty Atlanta cop.

Supposedly the metal detectors at the school were not working that day. Now since the shooting took place outside the gun may have been stashed outside for all we know. Was the gunman even in the school at all that day? Was he waiting outside for Telvis Douglas? All of that remains to be seen at this point.

So far no motive has been released but the suspect and the victim did know each other.

So how come there’s been no outrage over this latest shooting? Why are there no calls to arm the Atlanta teachers? Why did this story have such a short shelf life in the media? I think the answer is obvious. The victim in this story is black. It seems that media coverage and our society’s outraged are only reserved for when white children get shot.

Da M.O.B. charged with trafficking teens on da Backpage


Men charged with pimping teens in Atlanta area:

Alleged gang members plead not guilty to sex trafficking:

Alleged members of Atlanta-based gang Da M.O.B. are accused of raping and prostituting girls as young as 14. They allegedly used the Village Voice Media owned to turn out the girls.

Those charged are Fabian Terran Murray, Joshua Thomas Hill, Richard Douglas King, Clinton Saintvil, and Jonathan Christopher Branch. All five have been federally indicted and all five have pleaded not guilty.

Authorities allege that they met two 14-year-old girls took them to a hotel room where they were raped before turning them out on Backpage to be raped by other men for money. It’s also alleged that one of them beat and choked another 14-year-old who refused to work for them. A 16-year-old victim claims that she was beaten daily and held against her will, She also claims that she was shot at when she tried to escape. She says that she was raped as well.

What’s not being talked about in this story is Backpage itself. They claim they have all these safeguards in effect and that all ads are reviewed fir illegalities yet somehow women and children are still being trafficked. Not only trafficked but held against their will, raped and shot at. Yet Backpage still refuses to shut down the adult section and claims that they’re helping stop sex trafficking. They could stop a lot more by shutting down the adult section but then they’re precious outdated print media business would be in danger of going bankrupt.

Pair indicted in Georgia for craigslist and backpage human trafficking

Mustafa and Wallace

Pair accused of enslaving women for prostitution:

Pair Indicted On Federal Sex Trafficking Charges:

Lately I’ve been getting mail and comments from people telling me to mind my own business and stop interfering in the business of ‘consenting adults’. Again I would say that the majority of these adults are far from consenting.

For example Solomon Manasseh Mustafa, 37, and Kalandra Annette Wallace, 24, have been federally indicted on kidnapping and sex trafficking charges in Atlanta. Investigators say that the pair recruited women into prostitution on backpage and craigslist. They allegedly lured the women by saying it would be a ‘family like’ atmosphere. By family like they must have meant Manson Family like.

The women soon learned that meant being beaten, raped and handcuffed if they resisted selling sex or decided to leave the Mustafa-Wallace family, said First Assistant U.S. Attorney John Horn. The five women were also trafficked to neighboring states.

One of the women escaped from the pair by tying bed sheets together and climbing down from an apartment she was being held. In case you didn’t know consenting adults don’t try to escape their bosses movie prison break style. some of the women also claim they were held in closets and had their eyes and wrists bound in duct tape and were repeatedly raped.

Mustafa is also accused of recruiting a 14-year-old runaway girl before letting her go. That’s neither consenting nor an adult.

also I know I don’t need to mention it again but I will. Craigslist and backpage are still in dire need of moderation if they want to be serious about sexual slavery and human trafficking but it’s obvious their not.

UPDATE 7/22/2012: Mustafa was convicted and is looking at a life sentence.

CBS Atlanta interviews backpage call girl

Normally I don’t like to post an article word for word. I find it to be tacky and lacking in creativity. However the following article needs to speak for itself.

CBS Atlanta interviewed a backpage call girl who they call Susan. This is what she had to say about the Village Voice Media owned

Susan advertises her services on She said Backpage is now the premier site for its adult services section since Craigslists took down it’s adult services.

Susan believes Backpage helps promote the prostitution of teenagers.

“So many of the younger girls are on there. They are taken from homes. They are probably working for a pimp,” said Susan.

Susan said Backpage does not do enough to screen women who post ads on its site.

“You just sign up online. You set up an email account. After you setup an email account, they just ask for a particular number to make sure your number works,” said Susan.

Susan said other sites that offer adult services check and verify your identification to make sure the girls who post ads are 18 or older.

“Those websites are $200 to post. Backpage is $10 to post and you don’ t need all that information. It makes it easier for pimps or young girls to get on the site,” said Susan.

Even though it will affect her business, Susan believes Backpage should shut down its adult services.

Now lets hear what a spokesweasel for backpage had to say…

CBS Atlanta contacted Backpage in reference to our story. We received this statement from Steve Suskin:

“ is committed to preventing those who are intent on misusing the site for illegal purposes. Even one case of teenage prostitution is one too many. For that reason, works closely with law enforcement agencies in helping them bring these perpetrators to justice. We have also just completed a thorough review of the site and have implemented several new safety measures in the past weeks. These include:

The review of all new ads and images in the personals and adult sections of the site
The implementation of keyword searches to quickly identify possible illegal advertising
A new content policy that prohibits nudity of any kind across the site
The blocking of HTML ads posted on other sites to prevent the linking of ads that violate our site usage policy
Enlisting the help of child safety experts to help craft further safety strategies

Yet when I went to the adult section of backpage I still found numerous amounts of ads that were obviously for prostitution. The ‘escort’ section is still not and has not been ‘under review’. More backpage lip service.

If a dumbass like me can see that they’re repeating the same mistakes that craigslist made and making a few original mistakes you think someone at Village Voice Media would pick up on this yet here we are.

Shut it down backpage. It’s your only option.

Again, never trafficked in children. It’s not hard.

The fight isn’t over yet. Help spread the word on craigslist and backpage crime by winning a free CraigsCrimeList T-Shirt.

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Is watermarking the way for realtors?

Couple: Craigslist Rental Was Bogus, Not Bargain:

This is an article from Atlanta about the rental scam on craigslist. In this one the supposed landlord said he was being transferred to West Africa.

However it does present a good tip for realtors to stop having their online property pictures stolen by scammers.

Smith said they’ll repost sales pictures with watermarks saying “This house is for sale only, not for rent.” Other real estate agents may want to take note.

I’d like to hear from not only realtors but photoshop experts as well. Would watermarking the pics prevent scammers from taking the pics and using them as their own?

Craigslist cries foul over Georgia child prostitution claims

Craigslist: Stop Linking Us To Child Prostitution In Atlanta:

WSB in Atlanta, Georgia is reporting that craigslist is sending cease and desist letters to various groups in Georgia to have them stop claiming that there is a link between child prostitution in Atlanta and craigslist.  One of those letters has even been sent to the Governor of Georgia.

They’re sending these letters to agencies that assist in helping get child prostitutes off the streets and off of craigslist. Notice that craigslist didn’t say anything about closing down the adult services and casual encounters section of their site, the sections where child prostitution is facilitated.

Instead craigslist would rather bully some agencies that are actually doing some good.

More on Atlanta child prostitution

Teen suicide spurs war on child prostitution:

This is an article about Atlanta’s war on child prostitution. It briefly mentions craigslist and its usual denial of facilitation…

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin wrote to craigslist founder Craig Newmark and Chief Executive Jim Buckmaster in August, urging them to remove postings of women engaged in activity that broke Georgia law and called on other mayors to file similar protests.

Buckmaster said the company “shares Mayor Franklin’s concerns and are evaluating her suggestions.”

The site warns its users that it prohibits illegal activity but he added: “We do not monitor the content of more than 25 million free postings craigslist users self-publish each month.”

But I mostly wanted to point out the plight of Samantha Walker who committed suicide after testifying against one of the men who paid to have sex with her when she was 15.

This is why I believe that craigslist needs to eliminate its erotic services section. Please read the entire article.

There are no victimless crimes.

Prostitution in Atlanta

Oldest Profession Has Young Victims, New Methods: Ann Woolner:

This is a great article about Atlanta’s perceived problem with child prostitution and what police are doing to combat it. Of course craigslist is brought into the conversation because Mayor Shirley Franklin previously called craigslist on the carpet for facilitating child prostitution.

The author of the article, Ann Woolner, tried to contact craigslist about this and was met with the usual response.

I tried to contact craigslist Chief Executive Officer Jim Buckmaster to ask whether he had instituted any reforms since Franklin wrote him in August seeking closer monitoring, more stringent warnings and a tougher attitude toward those who advertise illegal services or otherwise break the Web site’s rules. Questions e-mailed to a press contact for Buckmaster weren’t answered.

How long will craigslist continue to stick its fingers in its ears and go “LALALALALALALALALALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING”?

craigslist denies child prostitution facilitation

Responding to concerns:

It wasn’t that long ago that the Mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, chided craigslist for facilitating child prostitution. Of course craigslist brushed it off. One of Ms. Frankin’s advisors even mentioned that Facebook and MySpace have been very forthcoming with the mayor’s office even when not legally obligated to do so.

However our favorite craigslist mouthpiece, Susan MacTavish Best, had this to say…

“Craigslist has an erotic services section on the site because our users asked us to create it in order to keep the personals section clear of erotic service ads. (Some folks when looking for a date do not want to have to look at ads for erotic services). Certainly, we … don’t want the site to be used for illegal activity. But we do believe that there should be a place for people to advertise legal escort services. We have over 30 million users a month. As we responded to the Mayor of Atlanta, we are always interested in hearing how we can make Craigslist better. Craigslist makes no money from erotic services because like most of the site, it is free to post there … “

Legal escort services? No such thing my dear. They may pose as legal but we all know what they’re fronts for. And again you say that you don’t want craigslist used for illegal activities but you’re not doing anything to discourage it. So basically by moving the erotic services section out of the personals you just swept in under the rug hoping nobody would notice.

What’s it going to take craigslist before you do something about this? Are you waiting for a toddler to get pimped out or worse?